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Body of youth exhumed eight months after mysterious death

BREP: The body of a youth who was found death mysteriously in his home here on April 14 this year was on Saturday exhumed by a team of medical doctors in the presence of the civil judge/judicial magistrate Booni.

Three doctors – Dr Farman, Dr Rashid and Dr Saad – opened the grave of Aslam Baig and collected as many as 15 samples from the body in the presence of his close relatives. The samples will be sent to Lahore and Peshawar for laboratory examination. The report will be added to the challan the  police have already presented to the court of law in the murder case registered against a police constable and the ex-wife of the deceased.
The Mastuj police registered the murder case against the widow of Aslam Baig and the police constable under section 302 (murder) in October. Zakia belonged to the Zuppu village of Yarkhun and was married to Aslam Baig, son of Purdoom of Brep. Her alleged accomplice in the murder is also a native of Zuppu and works as a constable in the Chitral police.
Aslam Baig was mysteriously found dead on the night of April 14 this year, which according to witnesses, his wife Zakia described as a ‘heart attack’.
The deceased was buried without conducting an autopsy as his father believed it could be a natural death despite credible accounts of some witnesses who had seen marks of wounds on the body with blood oozing from his nostrils.
The father was in Islamabad for work when his son was found dead back home.
According to the the neighbours, constable Syed Shahab, son of Syed Islam Shah of Zupu, used to visit the home of Aslam Baig. Purdoom, the father of the deceased, said he was not ready to believe the hearsays of the people that his son had been murdered but his suspicions turned into a reality after the constable and his former daughter-in-law solemnized a court marriage in Booni on October 10.
Later, the father and relatives of the deceased approached the police and nominated the woman and the man from Zuppu in the murder case. Later, the police registered an FIR under section 302 of Pakistan Penal Code.
The Mastuj police later arrested the two suspects and a local court sent them on judicial remand. Sources said the woman has been granted bail while her husband has also submitted an application seeking bail in the murder case.


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