Aga Khan asks followers to build good relations with other communities

Report Muhammad Jalaluddin Shamil
BOONI: The Aga Khan blessed his followers with Darbar and Didar today at Booni Chitral.
In his Darbar speech at Booni, the Aga Khan stressed his followers to live “within the ethics of Islam” and to remain “honest” in their day today affairs. He also emphasized unity among “families” and to “educate” the young generation in an effective way.
By terming education a “lifelong learning process”, he stressed on acquiring education as a continuous and ongoing process. He also asked his followers not to “miss any occasion for acquiring education” and asked them to expend and disseminate the things learnt.
Aga Khan asks followers in Booni to build good relations with other communitiesAnother prominent aspect of the Aga Khan’s speech was the instruction to his followers to build warm and good relations with other communities and underlined the importance of encouraging other communities for collaborative efforts for development and progress. He asked his Jamat to work in close collaboration with other communities and people in all professions.
The third aspect of his speech was his directive to his followers to avoid all those social habits which are not beneficial for their families. He asked them not to deal with “drugs”, neither trading in it nor consumption. He emphasized his Jamat not to involve in “drugs”.
In the end, the Aga Khan blessed his followers with prayers for their “happiness”, “unity”, “spiritual and material success”, health and education of their “children” and remaining steadfast in “Sirat-e-Mustaqeem.”
The Aga Khan told his followers that they will find their Imam with them in any trials and tribulations in “all seasons”, at “every place” and in every “moment”.
The Aga Khan also expressed his gratitude and thanks to the government of Pakistan for the warm welcome which he received during his visit to Pakistan. Published in ChitralToday on Dec 9, 2017.Aga Khan asks followers to build good relations with other communities