Non-local vendors flood villages with substandard items

Most of them are arriving here in motorcycles and selling ice creams and even Naswar to the local people. The outsider vendors are especially targeting children. In some areas, women from Punjab are also seen selling different items such as cloths, household utensils and crockery to the local women. Residents said the local administration and police had put a ban on male vendors’ visit to residential areas after which the vendors hired women from Punjab to sell their stuff. A resident here told ChitralToday that he bought an ice cream for Rs10 from a vendor visiting his neighbourhood in a bike. After eating the ice cream, he claimed, his son fell sick and he had to spend Rs2,000 on his treatment. Some residents also said that the non-local vendors were selling poor quality items and fleecing the locals, especially women. These people in the guise of vendors can also become a security risk or involve themselves in crime, they added. The residents demanded that the government departments concerned, especially the police, should keep a vigil on the movement of the vendors and restrict them to specific areas such as roadside bazaars.]]>

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  1. Not only fake substandard ice cream,used urine pipes,substandard chips ,candies and other food items are openly sold in our market.This is the duty of our local authorities to keep an eye.
    We have already notified the authorities through local online news papers about the folyes Catheters (urine pipes).These used urine pipes are openly provided to local shopkeepers by outsiders.

  2. Sale of substandard food items such ice cream, etc is going on without any check from government or from the civil society. Every shop is full of substandard items and no one bothers. Who is responsible. As a society we are all responsible for this mess. We do,t no see it as a problem and the responsible government authorities are either deliberately turning blind eye or ignorant. The local food authorities and local administration must be vigilant and take action against these non-local and local vendors who are engaged in selling substandard food items. The society must also discourage this practice by stopping vendors visiting their villages.

  3. there is a huge chance of child abuse as these people are not vendors they are also criminals and taking advantage of the simplicity of the residents of Chitral. They must be stopped and the Village Councils must pay attention on this matter.

  4. These vendors are indeed market savvy and meet the needs of the populace. for example, now people have stopped growing tobacco or bringing sumaani from mountains to prepare Naswar even though they are still fond of naswar. I have seen a Pathan man on a bike visiting yarkhun valley to sell naswar. He is making trips to the area after every three or four days and seems unable to meet the demand. I wonder why Chitrali people are not business oriented even though they prefer to elave their abodes for urban areas for labour work?

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