Police accused of backing influential against Karimabad residents

CHITRAL: Police have been accused of taking side with an influential person against Karimabad residents over a row related to grazing in a local pasture.

A resident of the Karimabad told ChitralToday that due to the incessant flooding, the local community of Kiyar and Susum villages and the owner of the pasture, Shahzada Haiderul Mulk of Shoghor, entered into an agreement about 12 years ago not to use the pasture for grazing.

After the agreement, they said, the local people sold out their goats and sheep to ensure the implementation of the agreement in order to save the area from flooding as continuous grazing denuded the mountains causing floods.

However, the local people said a few days ago in the darkness of the night Shahzada Haiderul Mulk sent his Gujjar shepherds along with over 350 goats to the pasture violating the agreement. The local people handed over the goats to the police at the Shoghor police station.

However, the residents alleged that using his influence, Mr Mulk managed to book scores of people from the village through the police who were later sent to the district jail. They were booked under different sections of Pakistan penal Code on the complaint of Mr Mulk.

The complainant alleged that the residents of the area beat his shepherds and animals besides trying to attack his house in Shoghore.

Mr Mulk could not be contacted by ChitralToday for his version on the story.

2 Replies to “Police accused of backing influential against Karimabad residents”

  1. Please never blame anyone without proper probe into the matter. Never blame anyone upon the feelings of jealousy and prejudice only. First properly look into the matter and then give your opinion. I also ask the media-men to investigate a matter before printing a news. I have been told by a source of the same village that the landlord Haidar ul Mulk had a deed with the villagers that he will not keep livestock in his meadow for 5 years and the villagers may keep the area planted and green for the betterment of both factions. Now after 8 years lapse when the master has brought his goats to his property the villagers emboldened with their numbers have tried to deprive the landlord Haidar from his property.

  2. We strongly condemn the act of DC Chitral and Chitral police. DC Chitral is favoring the person because of his personal relationship with the family. The DC has committed a criminal act. For proof if anything happened the DC and Chitral police will be responsible

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