Court accepts bail plea of 22 held for rioting

When the appeals were taken up in the court, a group of lawyers led by Waqas Ahmed Advocate appeared on behalf of the 22 youth. The court accepted the appeals and after the submission of the surety bonds, the 22 people would be released from the Dera Ismail Khan jail. It was alleged that a mentally disturbed man from the Torkhow valley of Chitral claimed prophethood during Friday prayers at the Shahi Masjid of Chitral on April 21 this year. Though the khateeb of the mosque handed over the man to the police, a mob attacked the Chitral police station and damaged public property besides setting the car of the khateeb on fire. They were demanding that the man should be handed them over. The army was called out and re-reinforcement of police sought from other districts as tension gripped the whole valley of Chitral for almost a week. Initially, the police and other law enforcement agencies rounded up about 200 people but later set them free except the 22 persons who were later shifted to the DI Khan jail. They were charged under different sections of the Anti-Terrorism Act 1997 and the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC). Soon afterward, however, some religious and political parties started a campaign putting pressure on the government for the release of the accused, saying they had attacked the police station and the vehicle of the khateeb in an anger after their sentiments were hurt. They approached the chief minister, the police chief of KP and other authorities for the release of the 22 people. During the campaign, the Chitral police were specially targeted for allegedly torturing the accused and booking them under the terrorism charges.  ]]>

2 Replies to “Court accepts bail plea of 22 held for rioting”

  1. Wahabisim,talibanization,and extremism Zindabad. All governments agencies,Law of Pakistan, Pakistan Army and law enforcement organizations are under the control of Jamat islami and extremist groups. We will see so many distractions in future. No matter what is right or what is wrong. But unfortunately these groups will never win election. Doesn’t matter what they make plans? They do from the back door. Open minded people should represent Chitral. Like PPP, ANP and Mln and APMl. Good luck to our Chitral. May Allah gives us Barkat and Aman. Amin

  2. It is not a good news at all. It will set a very bad precedent and will have implications for future. Regardless of the fact that the mad man hurt the sentiments of all Muslim communities, these 22 people were found guilty of damaging public property and Khateeb’s vehicle. They would have been punished so that other people would have thought twice before taking law in their hands. We are disappointed.

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