A decision in haste: APML suffers desertion in Chitral

The political pundits termed the decision of Pervez Musharraf to change the party’s top man in the district as “a decision in haste.” Energetic Shahzada Khalid Pervez has been making efforts to prepare the party for the next general election when Pervez Musharraf appointed Sultan Wazir, a former bureaucrat who had joined the Pakistan People’s Party in Septemeber 2015, as APML head for Chitral. Such haphazard decisions of the party’s top leaders had already made a dent in APML in the district as ex-MPA Ghulam Muhammad and senior leader Fazlur Rehman parted ways with it. Opposing the new change, the office-bearers of the APML at a meeting announced to quit their respective party positions. “We will not accept this decision. They are imposing Muttahida Qaumi Movement and PPP people on us,” said Kashafat Younus, a diehard party activist, from upper Chitral. The meeting expressed concern over selection of Sultan Wazir, a former income tax commissioner, as district president of the party. The participants of the meeting accused the provincial and central leadership of not taking the local leaders into confidence about appointment of president and general secretary.“Chitral is the only district where the party has representation in National Assembly as well as district and tehsil councils,” said another party leader. The APML leaders blasted the central and provincial leadership for meddling in the party affairs at the local level, adding several party workers had joined other parties due to their indifference. According to political pundits, though Shahzada Mohiuddin had quit active politics, his vote-bank was still intact. His elder son Shahzada Iftikharuddin was elected as MNA on APML ticket in the 2013 general election.Sources in the party said that Shahzada Iftikhar and Shahzada Khalid Pervez along with their supporters may join the ruling PML-N.They believed that it would be very difficult task for Sultan Wazir to reorganise the party in the district as all its office-bearers had resigned.—Published in The News on June 1, 2017.]]>

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  1. respected shuja mir ,your comment is like a pearl in form of words…the very thinking style of the majority of people in chitral reflect to the dark age of state era even today…how they will give up the slavish way of thinking…

  2. Serdurchi politics is on the down road, They had become Musharraf’s league for the order of the day which failed due to exile of the political head. Now if they re turn towards Nawaz, they may not have a stable room in Noon.

  3. Very good answer.It’s true that they used Musharaf name to get vote.After that there was no activity from APML as a party.Now they are resigning from the party,what a joke.Let’s see how much vote are in their bank in coming election.Ghulami is in our blood and we never get rid off Shahzada’s. What a bad luck.

  4. dear brother, is there no human being except your shahzada saib?if he has a vote bank he should try his luck from PML(N) ticket and see the election result..people vote for pervaz musharaf but not your shahzada saib…

  5. I would like to request the learned writer review the last paragraph again where he has mentioned that sources say that Iftikhar and pervez may join PMLN. My dear you should wake up they have already joined the PMLN bandwagon the day he had first session at the national Assembly. APML was doomed the day MNA iftikhar sent a message to Nawaz Sharif through Ihsan Iqbal after being elected in the year 2013, that he was eager to join the PMs party.

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