PHC orders govt to include Khowar in next census form

During the hearing on Thursday, a two-member bench headed by PHC Chief Justice Yahya Afridi, approved the request filed by a resident of Chitral, Dr Inayatullah Faizi. The high court ordered the federal government to include Khowar in the next census forms as the head and house count for 2017 has been completed. Faizi, who is a poet, educationist and columnist, had filed a petition, requesting Khowar be included on the census form as it was the third most widely spoken language of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, after Pashto and Hindko. When the census started earlier this year, the case was sent to the Supreme Court where other petitions regarding the┬áinclusion of mother tongues in the census forms were also filed. However, the Supreme Court has not given a verdict yet. Khowar is the mother tongue of 1,500,000 people in KP and Gilgit Baltistan. Besides, it is also spoken in some Central Asian states.– Reported by Geo news]]>

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  1. Good news.I would like to put the record straight as the writ petition was filed by Shahid Ali Khan Yaftali through his counsel Barrester Waqar Ali Khan.

    1. A highly commendable work for Chitral and its language. I felt very disappointed by filling the census form and mentioning my language among others. By efforts of Dr Faizi sb, and Shahid Ali Khan and all others, hopefully we will be able to call ourselves as Khowar speakers in next census. thumbs up to you all.

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