RE asked to arrange Rs1 million for power supply in Ramazan


The powerhouse was damaged in the 2015 floods but it could not be reconstructed by the KP government. During a meeting of all government departments called by DC Shahab Hamid Yousafzai and chaired by the MP at Booni, the MPA expressed concerns over the substandard work carried out by the public health engineering department on drinking water schemes. He said one scheme of drinking water totally failed at Khot village due to apathy of the department. Similarly, at Zang Lasht the contractor had laid the pipeline on the ground  surface without digging the earth for at least two feet. But the XEN or SDO never visited the scheme and gave a free hand to contractor. Another scheme worth Rs300 million at Mulkhow also failed due to substandard work and materials used there. The MPA also directed the district health officer to hand over the land inside the THQ hospital Booni to the C&W department to start construction work. Similarly, the MPA also asked for the appointment of staff in civil dispensaries established in 1988 where staff was still not approved. MPA said at Lon there was no civil dispensary but staff had been appointed on political basis. The MPA directed the district education officer for a proper inquiry into allegations of embezzlement in the parents-teacher council funds. He said that at some schools headmasters nominated only those parents as PTC members whose children were not enrolled in that schools. He directed that only those people should be appointed on class IV posts whose land had been acquired for the school buildings. Residents of Shorkoch constructed a Maktab school on a self help basis but there was only one teacher for 150 students, he said, another teacher must be posted there. He said that no work was done in Rech school until now. Similarly, Washich school was closed for over two years on the pretext  that there was no certificate form Wapda despite the fact that  there was no Wapda line or electricity in the whole area which show negligence of the education department. The DEO told the meeting that the provincial government had sent a summary to merge those schools where the number of students was less than 50. But the Edo said he had requested that this criterion should be changed for Chitral and the nuber of students should be brought down to 20 instead of 50. The DFO forest was told that the forest department spends millions of rupees on plantation at Qaqlasht but the saplings never survived due to unavailability of water. Deputy Commissioner Shahab Hamid Yousafzai asked all the heads of line departments to show progress on completion of ongoing development works before June 30.]]>

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