Another youth dies in bike crash

It may be mentioned here that for years underage boys driving motorcycles without licences have become a nuisance across Chitral in which not only most of the drivers lost their lives but also caused death or injuries to other people. Though due to the absence of police personnel in far-off villages there has been no check on the underage drivers, the number of accidents involving reckless motorcycle drivers have also caused fatal accidents in the Chitral town and nearby areas, especially on the new bypass road. The residents of Chitral have long been demanding strict action against such drivers but the police have so far failed to check the menace. But parents should also realize their moral and legal responsibility not to give motorbikes to their underage children in order to check such accidents that not only put their own lives at danger but also that of other citizens.–Irshadullah Shaad]]>

3 Replies to “Another youth dies in bike crash”

  1. District government should make bi-Law to use halmet for everyone who are riding bikes and someone with bikers. Otherwise police should get motercycle from the bikers and request to political parties and leaders not to influence to get them back. And if anyone don’t have license, there parents should be fined. Any political leadership influence on this matter should not be allowed to run the public office

  2. Careless parents, who allow their young children to drive without valid license, should also be brought to book along with the culprits.

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