22 people arrested in Shahi Masjid case sent to ATC Swat, 31 granted bail

CHITRAL: As many as 22 people arrested in Shahi Masjid case sent to ATC Swat while 31 of them have been granted bail.

Moreover, 31 other people arrested in the same case were produced before a local court which granted them bail. They were released from the district jail Chitral in the evening and received by Jamaai-e-Islami Chitral emir Maulana Jamshed Ahmed and others.

The names of those detained in Chitral jail and later released are as follow: Ahmed Karim, son of Syed Karim, resident of Hon, Chitral; Shandar Zareen, son of Sherullah, Mustajabandeh; Imran Hussain, son of Eid Hussain, Mustajabandeh; Mohammad Asghar, son of Mohamamd Afzal, Denin; Latifur Rehman, son of Bulan Khan, Chewdok; Shazaluddin, son of Hafizuddin, Singoor; Anwar, son of Abdul Ghafoor, Chiral; Tahir Khan, son of Rahim Khan, Shalden; Amjad Ali, son of Anwar Ali, Chiral; Abdul Waris, son of Haider Khan, Chitral; Munir Ahmed, son of Ayub Khan, Attani; Mohamamd Hayat, son of Quddus Khan, Jughoor; Sher Baz, son of Buland Khan, Jughoor; Imraj Khan, son of Waheed Gul, Mohmand Agency; Shehbaz Khan, son of Altafur Rehman, Chewdok; Tahir Khan, son of Mohammad Nabi, Charsadda; Imran Khan, son of Akhtar Gul, Mohmand Agency; Altaf Gul, son of Hazrat Khan, Rehankot; Mohammad Imtiaz, son of Noor Hamee Khan, Chewdok; Amin Baig, son of Abdul Aleem, Shiaqotek; Bacha Khan, son of Ziarat Khan, Mingora, Swat; Imran, son of Munawar Husain, Rehankot; Ahmed Wali, son of Ghulam Farooq (refugee); Asadur Rehman, son of Bulan Khan, Merp, Torkhow; Shamsuddin, son of Sahib Niaz, Jughoor; Ashrafuddin, son of Mir Habib, refugee; Nasirullah, son of Hazrat Gul, Mohmand Agency; Ghufranullah, son of Karim Khan, Madak, Mulkhow; Munir Ahmed, son of Ahmed Jan, Shalden and Yastorul Haq, son of Mashkoor Hussain, Singoor and Wajahat, son of Rahimullah, Shalden.

Those who were sent to Swat: Mohammad Hafeez, son of Ali Nawaz, Orghoch; Noorul Islam, son of Nadir, Orghoch; Ibadur Rehman, son of Saifur Rehman, Denin; Abdus Salam, son of Abdullah, Istaru, Torkhow; Ikramullah, son of Hameedullah, Thenkshen; Fehmuddin, son of Moinuddin, Barenis; Bashir Ahmed, son of Humayun, Denin; Intekhab Ahmed, son of Bashir Ahmed, Shiaqotek; Nadeem Khan, son of Hazrat Wali, Sabzi Mandi; Ezazur Rehman, son of Fazlur Rehman, Chewdok; Yousuf, son of Gul Mohammad, Ayun; Miandad, son of Amir Wali, Drosh; Mohammad Azam, Hon Chitral; Sohail Ahmed, son of Dilawar, Balach; Faizul Haq, son of Mohammad Zahid, Chumarkhon; Zahidullah, son of Hazrat Wali, Mohmand Agency; Zahir Khan, son of Salahuddin, Goldur; Inamul Haq, son of Shakir, Bakrabad; Fateh Ali Shah, son of Zahir Ali Shah, Denin, and Mehmoor, son of Mohammad Wali, Mroi.–Syed Nazir Hussain

4 Replies to “22 people arrested in Shahi Masjid case sent to ATC Swat, 31 granted bail”

  1. Could you pls identify those who were helped their wealthy fathers to avoid the wrath of the law despite their involvement in Shahi Masjid incident?

    1. Mr. Shahnawaz, of a mob of 1200; 22 poor men were charged to anti-terrorist court. do not need to identify other participants and let them enjoy. Identify these 22.

  2. Certainly those who attack government or civil property must have to face some response accordingly, however, as for the men are concerned that are mostly youngsters forwarded to Swat Anti-terrorist court; they are sons of mostly poor people of Chitral. Sons of political and wealthy people are sidelined by the district authorities. It’s the matter not favourable for the future of that peaceful but sensitive district.

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