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'All those found not guilty of lawbreaking should be released'

ChitralToday that a large number of innocent people were among the arrested people and they wanted their release. Action should be taken against all those who violated the law and damaged the properties, she added. Meanwhile, sources in Chitral said the police had been examining the video footages of the violence that took place on Friday and releasing those found not guilty of any violent act. However, cases under the relevant sections of the law would be registered against those found guilty of taking the law into their hands. After the completion of the process, the suspects would soon be produced before the court of law for further legal process, they added.  ]]>

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  1. Kifayat says

    The JI and PTI are trying their best to release the arrested people. It is known to public that the people were arrested on basis of videos footages. We all agree that innocent people should be released except those;
    1. People who burned the vehicle of Khateeb
    2. People who were chanting sectarian slogans and were inciting people to violence
    3. People who demolished walls of the police station and caused damage to public property
    It has been noted that senior leaders of JI were involved in inciting people including elected members of the district government. All those who were involved in these activities should be arrested and tried in court.
    The JI and PTI have proved that they are ideological partners and deep sectarian in nature, their efforts to influence the ongoing investigation is condemned by all Chitralis.
    The KP police claims of change are also in question as no FIR has been lodged even after 5 days, can they explain the reason for delay in FIR ?

  2. Shahid Hussain says

    This is unnecessary from the PTI leaders,they should let the investigation be completed. This is the level of our maturity of our politicians, even one of the lawyers who happens to be leader of PMLN made similar demand. We should avoid point scoring on such critical issues.

  3. Chitrali says

    The police investigation is underway, and before the completion of investigations how does Ms Fauzia know that there are a lot of innocent people arrested? This is an attempt by politians to influence the police investigations.
    The police should investigate all aspects of the case and we trust that our police will release those found innocent. The politicians should stop point scoring and let the police do its work, without any political pressure.
    Attacking the police-station and burning the vehicle of a prominent religious scholar is not an ordinary thing.

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