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Chitrali artists enthral audience in Rawalpindi

Adviser to the prime minister Amir Muqam was the chief guest. PML-N members of the Punjab assembly Adv Raja Hanif and Lubna Rehman were also present. The programme was moderated by Chitrali TV anchor Mehtab Ziyab, and featured Chitrali musicians, comedians and dancers belonging to Chitral. Speaking on the occasion, Amir Muqam said the federal government was working on promotion of cultures to strengthen interprovincial harmony. He said the government had also launched development projects in remote areas to bring them at oar with the developed areas of the country. He hailed the arts council for arranging the Chitrali cultural programme. Other speakers on the occasion also stressed the need to work for working to promote and preserve different cultures and languages to promote pluralism in the society.]]>

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