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By Islamuddin At last America has got a President who truly represents the soul of the soil. Discovered in 1494 by Christopher Columbus who was in the service of the then Spanish king America was opened to migrants from day one. As the number of settlers increased, the native Red Indians were systematically eliminated to make way for new settlements. The native survivors were forced to retreat to reservations where they would continue to suffer until they become extinct. Slavery was encouraged in Africa and Asia to provide free labor to work on the plantations developed by white settlers and today they constitute 20 % of the population which is more than the number of Red Indians left. As the most prominent artificial nation of the world, there is not much common among the Americans, except search for economic opportunities and pursuit of happiness, not restricted by any moral code. As it was not possible to ensure these blessings to all the citizens, enemy psychosis was systematically inculcated in the citizenry with a view to strengthen nationalism driven by fear. This ensured that the apple cart was not disturbed. An electoral system was devised to favor the rich. Media and intelligence network was mandated to manufacture and spread information that would consolidate plutocracy in the name of democracy and keep the people in line lest they would lose everything. For almost a century communism was their bogeyman and since its collapse in 1989, a new enemy has been invented and fed to do the dirty tricks of the West. Every caution is exercised that the chosen enemy is weak so that they can easily be pulverized to give false sense of pride to Americans and keep their artificial unity intact. Research institutions, media and intelligence agencies burn midnight oil to invent these enemies and control the discourse through publicizing the certified truth. It is therefore not surprising that most Americans do not know the world beyond their counties. Policy matters and foreign policy issues have been self-arrogated by the oligarchs sitting in Washington as their exclusive domain. These issues are never allowed to be raised in elections which are fought by big corporations through their proxies who only serve their financiers once elected. The election of Obama was a PR exercise which was subsequently billed as American ‘exceptionalism’. But the euphoria attached to it soon disappeared as it increasingly became evident that Obama was just a puppet and the strings were being pulled by the establishment. He wasted eight years without changing anything except making things worse for America and the world at large. Previous American administration pursued policy of assassinations and regime change to mould the world in their own image but Obama outsourced this task to NGOs run by the likes of George Soros to engineer rebellion and revolts in countries that failed to tow the American line. The results of Orange Revolution in Ukraine and Arab Spring are for everyone to see. Donald Trump capitalized on the failures of Obama and the establishment to catapult himself into power. He spoke the language of average Americans who were lied to again and again by past leaders; exploited the hatred and fear that the establishment had so painstakingly cultivated in the people. The situation was ripe for a demagogue to rise from the right rather than left as it is still a crime to start genuine left movement in America. Mc McCarthyism is still rife and communism is still reviled. Radicalism of the right is very dangerous as has been borne out by the rise of Hitler. But Trump is not Hitler and his opponents are not right equating him to Hitler. He represents an emerging trend in American public opinion which believes that America is the home of Anglo-Saxon white race and others can only live here as long as they are useful and obedient and respect American values revolving around pursuit of happiness and selective Christian values. Brexit and rise of Trump represent a new alliance of Anglo-Saxon race (UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and their cronies playing second fiddle to them) to dominate the world. They will use NATO and EU as a secondary alliance, while continuing to feed their people with enemy psychosis and pitting them against Muslims and others like Russia and China. Muslims have been presented with stark choices between the rock and the hard place. For too long Muslim rulers have fed the monster of militancy with Western funds in the name of fighting communism and enslave their own people. Now that monster has come home to roost. There is no short cut. Reinventing the old humanistic narrative of Islamic pluralism, which made Islam great in the past, will take time for fruition and in the meantime Muslim unity to take common stand against militancy without depending on the West appears to be the only way out. Without bridging Sunni-Shia divide and restoring spiritual Islam, Muslims would remain at the receiving end of the war on terror. It is ironic that American establishment is not happy to see its true face. Donald Trump is the logical outcome of its policies pursued since 1776. Ordinary Americans are happy that Trump is not a hypocrite. He speaks for the under-privileged which may not evoke confidence given his own class background but then he only filled the gap created by the establishment and neo-Mc McCarthyism. American system does not favor rise of populist leaders or local empowerment and input on national policy issues which have remained as exclusive preserve of the establishment. The establishment, so tightly controlled by its 17 intelligence agencies, mainstream media and programmed research outfits, only wants puppets like Obama that they can control. The rise of Trump is too much for the establishment to take. That is the reason for its nervous breakdown. Trump may not survive the onslaught from the powerful establishment but his fall would unravel the unity of the artificial nation. With so much innocent blood on its hands, American establishment cannot hope for easy redemption. Those wishing to migrate to the countries of the white race, should understand that they can never become equal citizens of a country which still believes to be carrying the white man’s burden of civilizing the colored race. It is time that they rethink their options. If liberty, equality and fraternity are the cherished values of mankind, these can only be had in one’s own native land and we should make efforts to change things in our own countries instead of looking for havens outside at a very heavy price in terms of our self respect, norms, values and culture. American people have high hopes from Trump. Let him deliver. We have no right to judge him nor is it our business to ditch him. Colored people showing up in anti-Trump rallies are playing into the hands of the’ sore losers’ and ‘crooked politicians’ and it will come back to haunt them sooner than later. Change is always good and in the natural scheme of things. Trump has to rediscover America to make it great again not by bullying but by winning hearts of people at home and abroad]]>

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