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  1. ASHRAF-UD-DIN says

    Bundle of congratulations! Indeed, hopeful people are”like the little engine that could, they keep telling themselves,”I think I can, I think I can.” Definitely, such positive thinking bears fruit when based on a realistic sense of optimism.
    Stick to her mission.

  2. Zahiruddin Canada says

    Congratulations Aliya for the wonderful achievement.we feel proud of you.

  3. Aliya Harir says

    Dear Zahiruddin, Sultan Wazir Khan, Sher Wali Khan Aseer, Adnan Zainul Abideen, Fahim Afzal Khan, Sher Ahmed, Shujaullah Shah.
    Thank you for your appreciation and message of congratulations. It is very encouraging and inspiring. Looking forward to be able to do give back to Chitral – that has made me reach where I am today!

  4. Shujaullah Shah says

    Proud of you, congratulation…

  5. Sher Ahmed says

    Congratulations and best wishes Aliya we are proud of you.

  6. fahim afzal khan says

    Best Wishes Aliya Sister,we hope u will carry on your Peace Building.
    regards Faheem afzal

  7. Adnan Zainul Abideen says

    Congratulations to Aliya sister and the entire family for her accomplishment.God Bless you with more achievements. We are proud of our daughter, now sky is not the limit for her.

  8. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    Aliya Harir has earned honor not only for Chitral but for the whole country. All Chitral people, in particular, and Pakistanis, in general, are felicitated through this short message. Her parents are saluted and Aliya is honored with ” You are our pride of performance”. Go ahead and earn more. God bless you, daughter!

  9. Sultan Wazir Khan says

    I appreciate the hard work of Aliya Harir and congratulate her on an outstanding achievement in the field of social diplomacy for peace in the region in particular and the globe in general. I also congratulate her proud parents on their patience and courage. Chitral must be proud of her shining stars glittering both in and outside the national boundaries. Aliya has a long way to go and bring many more laurels to Chitral and her country-Pakistan. May ALLAH bless her with dignity.

  10. Zahiruddin, President, Chitral Press Club says

    We feel pride of Aliya Harir for her accomplishments in the field global peace and harmony. You have proved that the daughters of Chitral are second to none and they wielded an urge and capability for accomplishments of such stature. Keep it up.

  11. Javed Riza says

    Congratulation Sister you are indeed a role model for Chitrali Youth. Keep it up.

  12. SR Khan says


    1. Aliya Harir says

      Dear SR Khan Sahib, Thank you indeed for your congratulations messages

  13. Fardad Ali Shah, Sanik Bala says

    Many Many Congratulation for your success.
    Really inspiring.
    Inter-faith harmony inside the country and out of border is the need of the time for peace globally. Ms. Aliya Harir sister you made us proud by your hard work and by taking bold step without any fear. You became the best model for not only for Chitral but for whole Pakistan. We hope you will continue with a vision of peace building. My heartiest prayers are always with you for your future endeavors. God bless you always.

    1. Aliya Harir says

      My dear brother Fardad Ali Shah,
      Thank you for your congratulation message. Bhai Jan, it is hardly possible for young female peace builders to contribute towards inclusive peace building society without the support of brothers and father. You are our inspiration and always stand behind us to our support and guidance. Congratulation to you too. Thank you for your encouragement and pray. We look forward your continuing support, patronage and cooperation in the long and difficult journey of peace transformation across the world, the planet is in dire of it today and much more tomorrow for our future generation.

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