A SOS call from Arkari valley

Dear Editor Chitral Today,

There is an urgent and humble request and a message of suffering community from Arkari valley. The people are suffering great problems due to the lack of communication facilities and blocked riads from Arkari to Chitral.
Roads are closed due to land sliding and glaciers getting melting too, the lives of community are getting harder day by day as still no action has been taken by the government and local politicians.
The reason behind writing to you is that a sick child passed away while being transported from Arkari to Chitral today.
The affected Arkari community wants to appeal to the higher authorities (MNA, MPA, District Nazim etc.) to please take immediate action to help the suffering people. They need food, medicines and things that are necessary for a human being to survive.
If immediate response is not taken, a lots of more human lives can be at risk.
The voice of Arkari’s valley.