7 Replies to “PTI Chitral leader praises KP govt's institutional reforms”

  1. dear shuja Mir sahsb I am a bit disagree with your choice of words and thratining attitude otherwise your ideas never be blamed being educated and residing in democratic country..thanks

  2. Mr.Mohd Arif Khan… u have blamed me that my comments are false.A person holding master degree plus css status can’t build his personal life and join political party to cheat the public and make money, does it make sense.no?

  3. yes i do agree sardar hakeem is a young , energetic and highly qualified new poilitical figure. Prior to be a politician he was a teacher and he has great contribution to enhace female lieracy rate in district chitral. He has potentional to serve the backward district so he must be given an opportunity including young lots urfi and etcs. IN the above press confrence he has rightly highlighted the achievements of PTI government but the bleak face of present government has been conealed….

  4. Genuine demands by Nazim Charun UC. He has highlighted the achievements of his party in a very good way and also people like him who are young and energetic should come forward and resolve the issues of the Youth. PTI needs to structure its party and educated people like him should be able to inform the masses of the achievements of the PTI government. Otherwise the current structure has been unable to defend PTI in the local politics regardless of the so many things it did. The reason for that is the team of current president wants to control it by hook or crook. Sardar Hakim and Urfi and others are potential candidates for future.

  5. Indeed Sardar Hakim sab well said,It,s the prime responsibility of provisional Govt to allocate and release huge amount fund for the welfare of chitral,as there is occur natural calamities much more then other District of kpk,so it,s the time need For PTI to take stance for the solution of everlasting problem in chitral.It,s also important for the PTI govt to address the yoth and should create any professional opportunity so that the fresh graduate develop their soft and professional skills,so that they would be able to handle any difficulties in their future career. Unfortunately almost 4 year have been passed we youth did not see any tangible initiative for youth from the PTI Govt,so that,s why most our youth have disappointed from the provisional Govt.I personally request to the PTI sadar Latif sab kindly do something for the youth of chitral and election is near to come.Thank You

  6. I agree with sardar Hakim sb comments. As a result of KP Govt.current party structure, majority of young generation never except A.Latif leadership to lead the party as President. PTI will be divided in two groups,there is no place for corrupt persons in PTI otherwise it will become Pml (n) soon.

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