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More snow piles up in all parts of Chitral valley

In Chitral town on Saturday evening.–Sher Zamin[/caption] As a result, all major and small roads in Chitral are blocked while in many areas there was no water supply and electricity. Late in the night on Saturday, the police said the road from Drosh to Chitral was cleared of snow. There were reports of avalanches hitting two police posts in this area but no casualties. There was also report about the death of two children in Broghil but it could not be ascertained when and how they had died. The major towns and villages with the recorded snow as of Saturday evening are as under: Chitral 17 inch, Rashun 14 inch, Booni 18 inch, Parwak 16 inch, Mastuj 16 inch, Brep 10 inch, Dizg 6 inch, Bang 12 inch, Sholkoch 20 inch, Susht 32 inch, Yarkhoon Lasht 38 inch, Boroghol 50 inch, Golen three feet, Bindugol 2.5 feet, Drosh four inch, Torkhow 33 inch, Terich 32 inch, Mulkhow 29 inch, Kushum 32 inch, Laspur 36 inch, Garam Chashma 26 inch, Bumburate 27 inch, Lon and Gohkeer 27 inch. When this report was compiled on Saturday evening, the snowfall was continuing with Met Office in Islamabad forecasting more snowfall and rains in different parts of the country till Sunday night. In the Chitral town, announcements were being made from mosques and FM radio stations asking the residents to not venture out during the next 48 hours. There are fears about widespread avalanches especially after the snowfall stops that may block roads and damage properties.]]>

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