Col Nizam comes to rescue of stranded passengers

He said in total 673 vehicles crossed into Chitral from Dir side and 705 vehicles went out through the tunnel on Jan 13-14. He said the 300 vehicles had stopped inside the tunnel while coming to Chitral. Chitral Scouts Commandant Col Nizamuddin Shah on Friday took notice of the public protest in Drosh and reached the tunnel to supervise an operation to remove the stuck up vehicles. The Chitral Task Force jawans on the occasion pushed the stuck up vehicles out of the muddy steep road near the small tunnel to clear the area.IMG-20170114-WA0009]]>

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  1. Dandanate phir rehei hongei bechare siyasi akaabireen, seeing Col Nizamuddin Shah of Chitral Scouts pushing the vehicle stuck in the snow, because they themselves are afraid that their hands will be dirty in case of pushing a wagon, full of dust. They only thing due to which they could not criticism the military colonel is because he has a big stick in his hands. And you know the politicians as well as the so-called civil society of Chitral know it well that it is not easy to criticize the khakis especially when they are doing something good.
    To see the colonel commandant of Chitral Scouts reminded me of the late Osama Ahmad Warraich who ahd warned to book the NHA officials under MPO if they failed to implement the tunnel opening notification issued b y the federal government. But the new Deputy Commissioner Shahab Yousafzai has also failed to come up to the expectations of locals as we thought a Yousafzai pathan will even play a more proactive role ion facilitating the Chitralis. But the job which should have been done by the DC is being done by colonel which is indeed unfortunate and quite shameful for the district administration.

    1. Neither the commandant nor DC are supposed to push vehicles. They are supposed to ensure through administrative actions that such conditions do not arise where people are stranded. And it can easily be done by a DANDA from the Army. The DC seems a useless person.

  2. dear colnel sahib
    ham sub apki in kwasho ko salam pesh kartee ha.kidar hai hamre MPA sahiban?Ham vote un ko date ha fauj ko nehi ,ap ma sharum nam ki koi chez honi chayee,Is dunya ma nehi Qaimat ka din b Ap Allah ki girfat sa azad nehi hoo saktee, hawaliyan hadsee ma hamree lashoo ko ya fauji kandoo pa ata kar hamre garoo tak la aya ,Us waqat b ap kidar tee ?
    ajj hamre galioo ko yahi fauji jawan daka datee ha

  3. Baat tow socnay ki hai.
    May kis key haath main apna lahoo talash karoon… ke saaray shehr nay pehnay huay hain dastanay

  4. The Colonel Chitral Scouts has reached the tunnel but the deputy commissioner is enjoying the cold winter by sitting inside his sprawling DC House. Can the people of Chitral hold a protest outside his residence and force him out???

    1. He was also inside the tunnel coming from a meeting. If he wished he could have reached home at 4 pm as he reached tunnel at 2 pm, but he stayed there till the last vehicle and reached home at 4 am. Media no giik tanhaa lu

  5. Personally a kind gesture by Col Nizam which should be appreciated, but as commander of Chitral Scouts involved in welfare of the people, instead of pushing a stranded vehicle it would have been more appropriate for his position to pressurize the NHA through the army to not let this thing happen in the first place.

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