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  1. Traditions give us a sense of belonging and reconnect friends and families. Indeed we have diverse background the society within we live, this is the tradition in common that we grip for many centuries to unite us as a Khow or Chitrali. Therefore we should be more concern to preserve our traditions because these are major components to design a society, a little bit bump would lead the whole society to adversity in term of losing social values. It doesn’t mean that we should restrict ourselves within the traditions that are not beneficial any more to the society that would also lead a society to difficulty. So we need to be more cautious and judicious while changing the traditions that we own. I would suggest the youngsters to bring their talent and creativity remaining in close circle of their culture rather than imitation or becoming ridiculous for other people.

  2. I really appreciate your thought and nowadays even a father can not impose on his son to act accordingly, being human everybody knows what is right and what is wrong, instead of criticising our youth we should appreciate them for their effort and innovation in our music, culture is confined in a bottle it will change with the passage of time.
    in ancient time people could not afford to bought musical instruments such as rubab, guitar and piano, so they rely on sittar and daf . (kalapat pesa culture culture tan remii ) 🙁

  3. Culture is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people ,encompassing language, religion, tastes ,social habits,music and arts etc.Thus music is an integral component of any culture. Throughout the world efforts are being made both by government and non government agencies to preserve the inherent values of culture.
    Chitral has unique cultural vales dating back to centuries old.Chitral is also famous in the entire world for its hospitality, peaceful harmony and music etc.Unfortunately, some new emerging artists are trying to mix our beatuful and melodious musical patterns with exotic for shake of creating so called trans and beauty.Such examples are replacement of Daaf
    ( tambourine ),Sittar,flute by jeckan,pipe,rubab and piano.Some even go to the extent of using studio and completely change the lyrics and rhythm of music with the Pashto tune.Here we are losing our precious cultural values and the days are not far when we completely will lose our unique and valued heritage in the name of so-called globalization and style.
    There fore,to preserve our this cultural value from extinction, burden falls upon our intellectuals, literarymen and other segments of the society, who are interested in our culture, to come forward and play a proactive role in this regard.Our beloved Dr. Faizi will hemself play a key role,due to his long time affiliation with the Chitrali culture.

  4. obviously every thing has its integral part.its is totally the Decline of the tradition and culture if it bents from its originality.
    so the originality shows the standard of any thing.if something lose its originality it will be of no value.

  5. sir it z much awaited idea to raise voice in favour of the traditional music nd its instrument..you can play a leading role to create awarness among the youth plz..

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