Release of Rs100m for Torkhow road approved

Shahzada Iftikharuddin[/caption] Out of the total allocation of Rs. 250 million (25 crores) for the current financial year (June 2016 to June 2017), Rs 10 crores (Rs.100 million) is being released, said the MNA. The MNA said he was advised by Mr Haque Nawaz to tell C&W to send a second request for an additional Rs 150 million (15 crores) with a promise for prompt release of the entire remaining amount for the January to June 2017 period. “We all know (and C&W Dept has all the documented facts) that not a single penny has been contributed by anyone else contrary to misleading political speeches,” he added. “My job was to have the funds released as soon as the request for funds by the C&W given through ACS (KPK government) reached Islamabad.” It may be recalled that the funds request reached Islamabad after a delay of 97 days on 16th December 2016. “Since we all were distracted due to the unfortunate incident of the PIA plane crash, I have done my job in a single meeting today at the Finance Ministry. My special thanks to Mr. Saud Pasha Adviser to both the PM as well as Mr Ishaq Dar who in spite of being on a leave to his hometown of Abbottabad had intervened and made a call to the concerned and had the funds release approved and signed in 15 minutes.” It may be noted that such delays can be avoided in future by the C&W Department and the KPK Government if the formal request for funds reaches Islamabad in time. The MNA urged the elders of Torkhow to now focus their energies on timely completion of the quality work and to please monitor the progress of the road setting aside political affiliations. They must make sure the project remains on track and the quality of work is monitored by honest people with no vested interests. “Though I will personally monitor the quality and pace of work, but I urge the common Torkhowechi to please make sure that development is given more importance than politics.” As before 2013 elections it was dirty politics that delayed the project wasting precious time and national resources and creating so much discomfort to the people of Torkhow due to the delay in work. “This project was started by my father Shahzada Mohiuddin at a cost of Rs 28 crores but I inherited problems on becoming an MNA as the first 3 years were wasted by four different investigations by C&W, FIA, Anti Corruption and NAB. “I managed to increase the funds with the help of Chaudhry Ahsan Iqbal and especially the unwavering support of PM Mian Nawaz Sharif who inaugurated the project for the 2nd time on 7th Sept 2016 before the Chitral Rally where the PM also inaugurated along with Minister for Telecommunications & IT Ms Anusha Rehman the Rs. 1.90 billion Telenor Towers funded by the Federal Government Agency Universal Services Fund (USF)” said the MNA. Those people enjoying Telenor services in Loan, Morder, Kosht and Warijun, Terich (Mulkhow) and Khot, Melp, Rech (Torkhow), Yarkhoon, Kuh Area, Shishi Kuh, Madaklasht , Karimabad, Shogore, Urtsoon, Beoli, Jinjeretkuh and Besti (Arkari) and rest of Chitral must visit USF Web Page to know that the Federal Govt provided Rs 1.9 billion for Telecom Towers after competitive bidding.]]>

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  1. MNA sab, your efforts in this regards is highly appreciated and we hope you will extend your every possible struggle to utilize the fund properly, to maintain quality work and to help the contractor to get NOC for explosive materials. Due to none availability of explosive materials physical progress is going to be slow as Sultan Wazir sab has also highlighted the NOC issue in his comments. Your services will always be alive in the heart and thought of the inhabitants of Torkhow and Terich UC. Although this project was initiated by our ex MNA shahzad Muhay uddin during his last term, so on this occasion we would like also to extend our heartiest gratitude to his excellency.

  2. This is a PSDP project initiated many years ago but lingered on for many years for one reason or the other creating disillusionment and mistrust between the Torkhow public and the governmental authorities. The release of 100 million rupees for the project is appreciated.
    The delay in submission of a formal request by the KPK Government for 97 days is a clear manifestation of the lack of interest on part of the PTI-JI provincial government towards Chitral and its poor public. This is highly condemnable. We demand the KPK Gvernment to submit the formal request to the federal government for the release of balance funds for Torkhow road without delay.
    I would like to request Mr. Sardar Hussain MPA and Ms.Fauzia MPA to ensure timely submission of the KPK government request. This is a project of public welfare and each of us must do our best to get this project timely completed. Whoever does a good thing, must be appreciated irrespective of political affiliations. I will never hesitate to appreciate Mr. Iftikhar ud Din MNA for his sincere efforts and informing the public to perform their part of duty to monitor progress of this project being vigilant citizens.
    I have personally visited the work site on 16th November 2016 and met the site engineer and assured them all-out support of the Torkhow public in proper and timely completion of this project. They complained about non-issuance of NOC by the security agencies for the use of explosives whithout which construction works are not possible. Here I would like to request the MNA kindly to take care of this aspect as well. I am in constant touch with both the XEN C&W Chitral and the people of the adjacent villages of ISTARU and WERKUP.I will personally monitor its work-in-progress and keep the MNA posted accordingly. Well done IFTIKHAR.

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