Failure of District Government in Chitral town

By Sultan Wazir Khan CHITRAL: The allied party’s District Government miserably failed to manage Chitral Town. There is not even a single public washroom or a waiting place for commuters leaving the town. I was at a real loss to watch women sitting on the cemented floor inside the PTDC motel Chitral gate waiting for a taxi to reach Singoor, Balach, Dolomutch and Seenlasht villages. Same is the case with commuters leaving towards south of the town. Singoor, MughlanDeh and Honn-Faizabad canal’s water used to be clean and portable, are now badly polluted and has health hazards in all aspects. It has happened due to the lack of sewerage and waste management systems. Roads inside the town area are badly damaged. All these miseries are due to the incompetence and neglect of the District Government. The irony is that the District Government is totally out-focused. While in public gatherings at far flung areas like Torkhow, the District Nazim has been showering false hopes of Longol-Shagram tunnel, Tajikistan road and war against the so called oppressors and while in office spending Rs 4.5 million on the renovation and decoration of his own office. He seems to be seeing Tajikistan easily but fails to see a poor daughter of Chitral sitting on the cemented floor of PTDC motel parking area which is under the nose of his palatial office located at the Governor’s cottage Chitral. I would like to request the District Nazim to look on grounds and focus at his own domain. Town is the center of Chitral. Its infrastructure needs to be designed and built. I may also remind him that a poor daughter of Chitral sitting on the floor of the PTDC motel may one day turn into a ghost and roam around the walls of his decorated palace. It is better to avoid such happenings well in time.]]>

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  1. Great sir, You have highlighted bitter but very true reality. Its question mark for our elected leaders and for District administration also. Mr. DC young energetic blood playing his role very well for development of Chitral through his different style. May be non of political worker neither his team brought into his mind for these looking small and in reality big problems. I may request to Mr. DC for his quick action in this regards. Our so called elected members are now a days busy to criticize each other rather than focus on development of Chitral.

  2. The allied government of Mullahs were supported by some of the PPP stalwarts too. I remember during the local government elections last year MS sent some pipes to one of the PPP candidates to bribe people for the votes. You have joined PPP but are not much aware of the politics of the PPP people. Most of the PPP candidates were already in support of the current District Nazim even before the elections.

  3. We would have agreed only comissioner sb, if you could have asked the same question from the sitting two MPAs out whom one is in the Assembly for 8 years. The second one however is still at large in the down country somewhere. One of my relative met him in a posh Chitrali wedding in Rawalpindi recently.

    1. My dear Safdar,matters concerning Waste-management,Sewerage system, providing of facilities like Public washroom at commercial area and waiting places for commuters ,are the duties assigned to a local government by the KPK LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT. Construction of sea-ways, installation of airways and construction of highways/ motorways etc, is the duty of the Federal Government of Pakistan under the provisions of the Constitution of Pakistan. As a student of Political Science and Law ,I can identify as to whose domain a particular doable thing was laying and who can be held responsible for the failure/ non-accomplishment of the same. I can not afford to blame an institution or a person who is not obliged to perform a state-duty under any relevant law of the country. The issues at hand are the assigned duty of the district government Chitral under the KPK Local Government Act. Brother Ghulam Nabi has a similar kind of objection with respect to DC Chitral.My answer with respect to his objection is the same.I respect all government employees serving in my district. I am here to appreciate any good thing done by any body in the public interest and object to any bad thing done by any body. Similarly, I will never criticize any political man without valid reasons. Though a political adversary, I never hesitated to appreciate Iftikharuddin MNA for his honesty and ability of telling the truth before the public. A politician and a liar are the two different kinds of men/animas.

  4. Nice statement by the future MNA.The only fault is that the ex bureaucrat forgot to mention the photogenic and media hungry DC,Osama Waraiech.and his ser vices to nobody in the town.

  5. So let me get this straight. MPA Saleem Khan from your area has been in office since 2008 (9 years now) and District Govt is one year old. So when u felt the misery of commuters to Garam Chashma, the roads to garam chashma and all you concluded that the One year Old system has failed and performance of son of your area Saleem Khan didn’t cross your mind???? Some serious brain damage you got there bro

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