District nazim wants to get deputy commissioner replaced?

MAGHFIRAT SHAH[/caption] By Zulfiqar Ahmad ISLAMABAD: District Nazim Maghfirat Shah of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) has reportedly geared up efforts in connivance with two provincial ministers of his party to get Deputy Commissioner Chitral Osama Ahmad Waraich transferred. Sources in the district administration told this correspondent that Mr Shah was not happy with the incumbent deputy commissioner over administrative matters. A senior official at the chief minister secretariat in Peshawar said the district nazim had requested Chief Minister Pervez Khattak on three different occasions to transfer the deputy commissioner.

The nazim met the chief minister thrice along with his party ministers and literally begged him to transfer the DC for not cooperating with him, the official added.
According to the official, the provincial minister for local government and rural development along with minister for finance Muzaffar Sayed, who belong to Jamaat-i-Islami, are making hectic efforts to remove the DC on the request of their party nazim. The sources said another reason to seek the transfer of the deputy commissioner was that the JI wanted a DC having sympathies with religious political parties. They also said the JI was upset over the transfer of a former DC who fully supported the party during his stay in Chitral. Despite repeated attempts, both the ministers and the nazim could not be reached for their comments.]]>

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  1. @Nabi ut rahman balach
    shame on your analysis and comment, in which you want to dragg the islamic political party JI. Brother, may be DN is not a good person for you but the performance of JI with respect to chitral is excellent. Is it a good work to spent millions of rupees on the family park? No, the entire chitral is a family park.

  2. Totally baseless report I m not sure that DN is inconvenient with DC chitral, in his statement today DN clarify that there is issue between them the local online news report is baseless

  3. We are with Mr Warraich and his team. He has so far done excellent job and JI wants a DC like the previous one we had. Mr Warriach is not a mere paper pusher like his predecessors. He has controlled the ACs very well and is doing everything by the book.

  4. The DC is honest, efficient and his performance is infront of everyone. We had never seen anti encroachment, price checking, transport fare checking and family Park. DC must stay here for long and he must be allowed to work freely.

  5. The D.C chitral is not corrupt because he is not ranker.He belongs to a respectable and well off family and there is no hungryness in his blood. He is doing wonderful job in our lovely chitral. We have to stand for him that he should stay till 2018 election. Inshah Allah we can get rid off all these corrupt elements.All these are culprits and hungry for money that’s why they are rich otherwise they dnt have any evidence in past to be rich.

    1. Just a short comment: the DC may not be a corrupt person but the references you have made vis a vis Corruption with being ranker and having an affluent family background is misleading as we have countless examples of Bureaucrats who do actually are wealthy but corrupt also. One doesn’t need any background reference to be corrupt; if he wants to do it he will. But I am glad to hear so many positive remarks about our current DC, which is a healthy sign that someone is there who is doing a good job.

  6. This is not something we should blame the DN of as it is a tradition in Pakistani politics that Politicians do allot key positions to their sympathisers be it at the Federal level or at the Provincial level. The question which needs to addressed here is; whether it is a fair practice? Obviously it isn’t.
    It reflects upon the fragility of our political system. Earlier it was thought that may be this kinds of practices were only associated with the National Assembly or the Provincial Assembly members thus the need was felt to give the powers to the people at the very grass root level i.e. Villages, towns and Districts, so that good governance could be achieved. What the strategists failed to realise that the very people who contest the polls at the PA or NA level also contest the local polls which made this local govt. system more or less similar to the prevalent governance system resulting in undue interference in the not only the executive branch of the system but also in every govt. institution.
    No matter how hard one try; there is no law which prevents the District Nazim to lobby against this or any other district top management; rather it is the moral and ethical obligation which can, but in the current political scene that is hard to be found. We may condemn all those who are involved in meddling with the business of the office of the DC or AC; but do you think that is going to affect anyone at the top of the Provincial Govt.? given the fact that they run the govt. in coalition with JI?
    WHAT SHOULD BE DONE? is the major question. There should be such laws which should clearly define the role of the DC office and that of the District Nazim alike.
    A competent Public servant who strives to do good for the people of the area is always admired and commended unless he or she doesn’t step out of their domain. The irony with the British Bureaucratic system which we have here in Pakistan is that the Public Servants are Public Masters because they are trained so and ALSO due to the very attitude the society has towards them at large. A DC is unquestionably the KING OF THE KINGS in any district enjoying enormous powers and authority. Their psyche is to rule the way they want to, and this is not a hidden fact. This makes it difficult to differentiate between the ones who truly want to make a difference in the lives of the people of the area and those who simply want to rule.
    As our political system is corrupt; the leaders want a yes man in their respective constituencies which they get eventually and thus starts the unchecked corruption ring. The District Nazim in this case has had a questionable past when it comes to governance which puts him in a doubtful situation where even if he wants to do some good; a reference to his past is always made.
    The bottomline is; the District Nazim has no right (though in the current political system he is the Chief of the district) to interfere in the business of the Deputy Commissioner’s office unless he finds out that the DC Office is misusing his powers and authority. The DC of any district should not have any political affiliation (which is hard to find) and they should not start a parallel govt. We can only discuss these issues, the law makers are least interested in it.

  7. I think the prevailing DC Osama Ahmed Waraich and AC S. Mazhar Ali Shah have been doing their best for the progress and prosperity of Chitral. They are young, energetic and dedicated officers and have already been involving and trying to start many beneficial activities and projects in chitral just to bring a dynamic change over there. So there should be no any political involvement or pressure which could cause the loss of interests of the people of chitral.

  8. the contribution of DC chitral for the people of Chitral are beyony Imagination.
    Best officer ever in the history of Chitral. All the people of Chitral will stand with DC/
    Long Live DC Usama Ahmad Warraich. Siyasi logon ko Un jaisa corrupt DC chahiye jo un k sath mil k khaye

  9. What is Maghfirat Shah’s performance? Zero. No wonder he feels threatened from.the popular DC who has started public friendly projects like family Park, students academy and washroom renovations in dhq. Shame on JI and THE Nazim.

  10. The district nazim who has miserably failed to deliver now wants to transfer the DC. The people of Chitral who had become fed up of the ranker deputy commissioners had a sigh of relief after the incumbent DC took over. My message to the District Nazim is that instead of indulging into such things, he must concentrate to improve his performance.

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