4 Replies to “District nazim issues denial”

  1. Is this a joke or what? why the hell the district chief has to give a statement clarifying his position unless either he is involved in some wrong doings or he is terrified by the consequences he will have to bear? This clarification makes me laugh as it shows the very character of our leaders. One must stand by his stance no matter what; at least out of self respect -but nay. A leader must be bold and brave enough to bear the pressure and be ready to face the consequences of his actions. Instead of doing that the DN has tried to give explanations (kind of a hidden apology). This is sad and clearly tells who is calling the shots at the district level.
    If the DN was regretting his first move; he should have clarified it on the same day the news story was published; saying it now will only tarnish his already less popular image.

  2. ‘In a statement, Maghfirat Shah said though as the head of the district government it was his right to transfer any officer for the best interest of the public ‘
    Well firstly it’s not your RIGHT Maghfirat Shah, it’s the job of the provincial government to post officers, you have nothing to do with it. We have seen the kind of officers you want specially during the appointment of village secretaries and during your own election by the previous DC Amin Ul Haq.

  3. “As head of district government, it is his right to transfer any officer”…what he wants to say here? Is this a rebuttal or he accepts that he is making efforts to get the DC transferred with the help of his party ministers?

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