MNA warned against putting agri loan waiver on the backburner

M. Pervez Lal[/caption] In a press statement, he said after the devastating floods Prime Minister Sharif visited Chitral in July 2015 and addressing a public gathering in Kuragh announced that all agriculture loans of the people of the calamity-hit Chitral would be waived. Soon after the announcement, the MNA in order to get credit started claiming in all the available forums that the prime minister announced to waive the loans on his request and personal effort. He also claimed that Mr Sharif had waived all the agricultural loans and a notification in that regard would be issued within days. On May 25, 2016, the people of upper Chitral held a protest against the government for dilly-dayllying the  issuance of notification. The MNA at that time was present in Mastuj and came to announce in front of the protesters that the government had already waived all the agricultural loans, including that of the Micro Finance Bank. He even told the protesters that if the federal government did not waive the Micro Finance loans he would pay to the bank from his own pocket on behalf of the loan takers. The people on that occasion thanked the MNA and went back to their homes. But a few months later, all he banks including the ZTBL and Micro Finance, sent notices to the people to pay the original loans along with the interest accumulated during the time after the floods. Not only this, the banks have now also started registering police cases against the people for not returning their loans. The Nazimmen Forum leader asked the MNA to get the notification for the loan waiver issued as promised without any further delay in order to save the public from further humiliation at the hands of the bank officials and he police. He warned that if the MNA continued his delaying tactics and if the bank officials did not stop taking action against the people, a protest sit-in would be organized in front of the hotel of the MNA in the Chitral town.]]>

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  1. It is not about who got loans written off and how much. It is not about rich or poor. It is about an unhealthy culture which is only practiced in Pakistan. People take loans and then pray for calamity so that their loans are written off. There are many professional loan takers in connivance with bank staff. A survey should be carried out on this. Helping the poor has nothing to do with loan write off. The government can insure the crops of the poor for free so that in disaster situation the insurance company pays. No where in the world are loans written off like this. Please try to understand the spirit of the post.

  2. poor thingking and poor mind will always remain poor. just imagene if a primenister of Pakistan is announced to writeoff and supported by the opposition leader of the house, May i ask, is this happening first time? just remember how much loan writeoff in the last flood time, How much rupees? and who got the benifits?.
    when the time came and the question of the poor rise for benifits, all are giving leactures to the poor that it is unfair, unethical, dirty tradition it should be invested some where else, if so i am requesting from all those who have availed writeoff loan in the last flood may pay back to government and shows their support as a Pakistani,
    May i ask simple questions from the responsibles. ARE YOU PAYING FROM YOUR POCKET ? If the priminister of pakistan who is from Pujab and Opposition leader from Sind can relize the pain of the poor people of chitral, i donot know why some leader of chitral creating hurdles really a shameful question. Pervaiz Lal we really support you and you did your job well and this voice should not be stoped and poor people must know who is behind the seen?

  3. Writing off loans is unethical and unfair with people who did not take loans. This dirty tradition was invented by Ziaul Haq, carried forward by Benazir, Nawaz Sharif, Musharaf, Zardari. In fact all our rulers want to become popular by writing off loans from national exchequer which they are actually not authorised to do. We must put an end to this obnoxious practice of writing off bank loans on one pretext or the other. There are other ways to help disaster affected people but never writing off loans, not at all.

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