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Subject-based training of teachers concludes

Education plays pivotal role in the development of any state where primary education is considered the backbone of education. If you are capable of imparting good quality education in primary than you are capable of producing good quality human resource for the future. Keeping in mind the importance of education and traditional way of teaching PPR project under the umbrella of SRSP held 5 day long training sessions for the Primary School Teachers of UC Drosh I and Drosh II to enhance their capacities of teaching primary students. A total of 50 teachers comprised of 25 male and 25 female participated in the session. It was activity based learning of different subjects specially Math, Science and English. Teachers also shared their experiences of facing problems during teaching and got satisfactory answers from the trainers to be applicable during their teaching primary students. All the teachers showed their satsifaction of the training and made request to held such professional on job trainings in future to maintain and improve the quality of education in future as well. Talking to one of the teacher it was evident that there were very rarely sessions for teachers in such conducive environment of learning. Teachers need to work cooperatively to make their classrooms and schools stimulating learning environment. They need to maintain acceptable levels of student conduct, and use discipline strategies that result in a positive environment conducive to student learning. In the last day session Mr. Sher Afgan ul Mulk DEO PPR Project SRSP briefly welcomed the guests and thanked the guests and teachers for giving their precious timing for the promotion of education. The session was presided by ADEO Shahid Hussain, Education Department KPK, where he appreciated the work of SRSP in the promotion of education. He assured of cooperation with SRSP in future educational interventions as well. He also emphasized the importance of teacher training for the provision of quality education. At the end he thanked SRSP for fruitful session and the teachers to attend the session enthusiastically.—Fardad Ali Shah]]>

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