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  1. I am amazed at the comments criticizing the construction of the family Park. While the question should have been why the park is being constructed so late and what were the earlier administrations doing, people here are doing what they do best, criticize everything. I want to ask them from their salaries or incomes, would you divert all your income to food alone? Or clothes alone? Or to any other single segment? Any sane person would divide his income using common sense between food, clothing, fee of his kids, rent etc. Similarly the governments also allocate funds in different sectors be it education, health or healthy activities like parks.
    Secondly parks are not luxuries, they are necessities. And in case if any of my friends don’t like parks, they are most welcome not to visit this one.

  2. agreed, it is totally a failed project. and the airport officials will never let them to place a protection wall because it would be a serious threat to the verge of airport and to the nearby localities . secondly, i’m wonder-struck from the approaches of this administration. can’t they transfer this money to somewhere else, where life is still so miserable. they don’t have clean water and thousands are lacking the basic amenities.

  3. “Once fully developed, this will be a gift from the district administration to the people of Chitral, says a statement from the DC office”
    This made me laugh, as if District Admin is paying from their pockets

  4. Kids needs to have access to schools first then Parks.Thousands of kids of deprived of education and these people are planning on developing a park.
    I wonder who is the decision maker here

  5. Good initiative by the Deputy Commissioner in Chitral. There must be stress on recreation in the area. There are plenty of funds for rehabilitation. If we as citizens cannot prioritise them or force our representatives to undertake them why go on asking for more help in reconstruction. Lets move forward

  6. Yes there is need to pay first attention to the disaster stricken areas, at the same time it is also imperative to provide the much needed facilities in and around the town area. If the current project is sufficiently saved from the danger of floods and erosion, it will be a good facility for the people living in the town. I am sure the planners must have made provision for this. Strong embankments on both sides of the river will make it safer place. I am not suggesting to do this project at the cost of Nighat’s suggestions.

  7. This is totally a failed project. Everyone know that the river beds are now on the verge of extinction . Seriously threats pondering even to human settlements nearby located. In such circumstance this initiative seems to be a loss of time and money.
    Secondly, there are dozens of village lacking basic amenities. The miseries of people of this disaster effected area are much and this amount should have been injected to reduce troubles of masses. Unfortunately the district administration undertook “unsound” initiatives and propagate in social media. Still the people of Chitral wait to see the logical conclusion of the so-called operation against encroachments.
    In the given circumstances people of Chitral need projects which could provide them relief by resolving genuine basic issues.
    Shouldn’t it have been better to re-build the flood damaged pedestrian bridge of Goldur which is situated beneath their nose?? But unfortunately DC Chitral could not look towards it, most probably this could not be a lucrative project.

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