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Pir from Lahore on a mission to Chitral

BOONI: A Pir from Lahore, escorted by a strong posse of security personnel, delivered a lecture at the Tehsil Council hall on the need for harmony, tolerance and unity among the Muslims on Sunday. received_1446503945376138This was the second visit to Booni by Pir Haroon Gilani of Lahore within about two months. On Saturday, the Pir reached Booni from Gilgit-Baltistan amid an official protocol. He was accompanied by two residents of Chitral. At the packed Tehsil Council hall on Sunday, the Pir addressed a gathering of people belonging to different walks of life, including religious leaders and representatives of the Sunni and Ismaili communities, elected members of the local government and lawyers. In his sermon, the Pir stressed the need for unity among the people and said Muslims should shun their petty differences on the basis of their faiths. He said the country was facing challenges in different fronts and differences or groupings among the Muslims of the country would further aggravate the situation. He said that differences among different sects had been created by the enemies of Islam and Pakistan to create instability in the country.—M. Perveez Lal]]>

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