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  1. Arshad says

    This shows the government wants to downplay the local government system by stripping of its title and powers. A backstep by PTI on its promise of an authoritative local government set up.

  2. Rahmat kabir khan says

    Though the intention of the present govt seem to be very reasonable. But the question is who will ring the bell. Such action used to be taken in every new commers. It does not look nice and not get result oriented goals . therefore suggested not to change name of district government let it continue. At present world is a globe village no one can lead without proper preparation and proper executives expert of the field. Every day changes would not impact a good sign. Local government is such unlucky lntitution and organization. Every one enjoy to impose his ideas and visions very easily. And new successor change it all for new visions. You need to from general ayub to date will enjoy nemurios visions rules regulation ordnance acts. What all this. For the betterment of a corporate d organization a ten to fifteen years policy should be made no one to allow to change. This must done after proper constitution amendment.

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