PTI workers pile up complaints against party leadership

Workers of the PTI from different parts of Chitral attended the gathering. Those who were present on the occasion included Rehmat Ghazi, Abdul Wali Khan Advocate, Abdul Majeed Qureshi, Ghulam Mustafa Advocate, Razitu Billah, Nazir Ahmed and Israr Uddin Kasana. Speaking on the occasion, president of the ISF, Nazir Ahmed, complained that corruption and injustices in all government departments, including education and health, have reached all time high. He said for months the office of the party in the district had remained closed due to which workers of the PTI could not be consulted or taken into confidence regarding different issues. He said it seemed that there was no leadership right from the district to the provincial level. Razitu Billah said it was useless to expect justice for Chitral from the current chief minister KP and his cabinet. Mustafa Advocate said if the workers felt things were at such a mess even when the PTI was in power in the province what would be the situation when the party would be in the opposition. Israr Kasana said under a conspiracy the departments of the local government, education and health were being destroyed. Rehmat Ghazi said during the visit of Imran Khan to Chitral, he had conveyed to him the reservations of the PTI district chapter against the KP government’s injustices with the people of Chitral and provincial ministers’ lack of interest in visiting the district. He said in the current budget of the province, funds allocated for Chitral was just a peanut. He said the development funds for Chitral was not even 30 per cent of the funds allocated for the districts of Nowshera, Mardan and Charsadda. This discrimination against Chitral is continuing despite the fact that Chitral needed more funds to repair its damaged roads, bridges and other infrastructures in the 2015 floods and earthquake. Mr Ghazi also said he had informed Imran Khan that Chitral spread over an area of 14,850 square kilometers and unless it was bifurcated into two districts of upper and lower Chitral, poverty cannot be eliminated in the valley. Addressing Senator Samina Abid, Mr Ghazi said: “Today through this meeting and on the persistent demands of the workers I appeal to you to inform Imran khan to be serious in resolving the issues of Chitral.” Zar Bahar, a worker from the Yarkhun valley, on the occasion declared the PTI workers as Lavaris. Abdul Majeed Qureshi said the performance of the PTI government was disappointing, especially in case of Chitral. Habib Ali Shah from Mastuj demanded that investigations should be conducted into the corruption of millions of rupees in the Mastuj road project. Village council nazim Hayatur Rehman demanded that the district education officer (female) and the officers of the health department should be transferred without any delay. After listening to all the complaints, Senator Samina promised that she would very soon again visit Chitral after conveying the reservations and discussing Chitral’s issues with Imran Khan. She expressed the hope that steps would be taken to bring a change in Chitral. Senator Samina said the education and health ministers would visit Chitral and hold open forums to listen to public issues and if the two departments were not being run in accordance with the manifesto of the PTI, action would be taken against the responsible officials.]]>

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