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MPA allocats Rs2.7 million for Kosht and Bumbagh

sardarDuring the visit, the MPA announced to allocate Rs10 million for the water supply scheme of Tor Kosht, Rs5 million for the water supply project of Mul Kosht, Rs5 million for the construction of a link road in Kosht, Rs5 million for the channelization of Bombagh water channel and Rs2 million for the water supply scheme of Bumbagh village. Elders of the area thanked the MPA for making allocations for the damaged infrastructures, said Parveez Lal, the information secretary of the PPP Chitral.]]>

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  1. Hameed Shah says

    Luwo sora MPA albat royan shirustu koriasur. ispa ho sora ghech no tori ju salotain hai..

  2. Ali Haider says

    Perhaps this in the only project brought by MPA during his two years period.

  3. Rizwan ali roomi says

    good news indeed well done MPA SB

  4. Kausar Ali Shah Islamabad says

    MPA Sb. Your efforts are always for your people but Do More and More. Although you are not yet such active and there are many factors and bearers in front you and we also know that you are in the line of fire in the parliament and facing many challenges. But we believe you will play a vivacious rule to carry out your expertise and techniques and hope that you will success in your efforts. Upcoming days are very important as well as crucial for you and for your party. Be proactive and these are nothing you have to do allot.

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