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  1. amin chitral says

    kisi ne b koi teer nahi mara chitral k liey. nawaz Sharif announced many projects for chitral and also to waive loans of people but nothing happened till to date. this shows poor leader ship quality of our mna and mpas. my advice to them is, these days nawaz sharif is very worried over panama leaks and and is accessible to all lawmakers. our mna should try to meet him and request for issuance of notification for loan write off.

  2. Hamid ul jalal PPP MULKHOW says

    I appreciate the political representatives of PPP senator Rubina khalid and MPA Salim khan being hand in hand with effecties of earthquake and floods in chitral.It is requested to chairman PPP to take farm action to compensate the effecties of both lower and upper chitral.It is a custom of PPP to stand with peoples in any situation.It was Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who always work for the right of peoples and also advised their workers to fight for the rights of people.

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