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Schoolchildren used for cleaning venue of Qaqlasht festival

qaq2 Deputy Commissioner Chitral Osama Ahmad Waraich in a twitter message said a cleanliness campaign was carried out at the venue of the festival with the help of students. Pictures of the activity released by the DC showed students in uniform, including girls, making queues for picking the dirt from the vast ground and later boys posing in front of bags of trash for a phograph. It may be mentioned here that teams from different parts of the province have been invited to the four-day event for the first time this year. But it is not clear who would be cleaning the leftovers at the end of the festival. The main objective of the festival being celebrated for many years has been to revive and promote Chitral’s indigenous games and sports. Thousands of people from across the valley attend the event every year. For the first time, the KP government provided funds to the district administration for the festival this year on the reccommendation of MPA Fouzia Bibi and Syed Sardar Hussain.]]>

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