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Stop 'civilized terrorism' in name of duck hunting!

Rehmat He said though the hunters took a licence from the local wildlife department to “enjoy” killing migratory birds, they crossed all limits of decency by massacring the birds using sophisticated and prohibited weapons. He said the government issued hunting licences only for 12-bore guns but failed to check the use of sophisticated guns, including repeaters, by the hunters. He said hunters violated the rules right under the nose of the district administration around the Chitral town where a few weeks ago poachers even killed a markhor. He said the construction of lakes by the hunters from Arandu to the Yarkhun valley had also destroyed the already broken roads besides threatening agricultural land and buildings. If urgent steps are not taken, the Chitral-Mastuj road along with the grain godown and other buildings in Denin would be washed away by the river this year. The man-made lakes for duck hunting along the river are the major cause for the erosion of the land in Denin, he contended. Mr Rehmat Ali appealed to the deputy commissioner and the district and sessions judge Chitral to play their role in stopping the large-scales killing of migratory birds in Chitral. Talking to ChitralToday, Rehmat Ali said he staged the sit-in from 5am to 5pm during which about 200 people visited him. He said the visitors expressed their support and even some hunters said the use of sophisticated weapons, including repeaters, should be banned. He said a couple of hunters also threatened him of dire consequences and said they had legal permits and would continue hunting without any check.–Reporting by Bashir Hussain Azad]]>

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  1. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    We support the move of Mr.Rehmat Ali Ja’afardost. This callous practice needs to be completely banned. The Wild Life Department Chitral must stop licensing for this massacre of innocent migratory birds.

  2. Tariq says

    Great Job Rehmat Lal,Keep it Up 🙂

  3. Engr. Yasir Ali Hamza says

    It is sad to see that only one man is raising his voice against the brutal massacre of migrating birds in Chitral. That man couldn’t be anyone other than the passionate environmentalist Mr. Rahmat Ali Jaffar Dost who staged a ‘dharna’ in protest against the illegal hunting. Kudos to his commitment and more importantly to his realization.
    All other people, especially those who are responsible to check illegal hunting of these beautiful birds are either in deep slumber or may be sharing the profit with them behind the door. Such a huge number of birds are being shot openly under the nose of WWF & other responsible authorities, yet nothing is being done to stop these brutal killings in Chitral.
    Through your esteemed e-paper, the concerned authorities are appealed to take action against the culprits and perform their duty in protecting the fauna of the region. A strict action against any of them will serve as a deterrent at least for the coming few months.
    Engr. Yasir Ali Hamza

  4. Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah says

    Well done Rehmat Ali sahib. Cruelty to helpless birds and animals by ‘peace loving’ Chitralis needs to be highlighted as much as possible. That you are doing it here warrants commendation.

  5. Ghani says

    Rehmat Ali is always at front line to protect environment and he has dedicated his whole life for this cause. Weldone. We are proud of you and expect that you are the only person working truly for protection of environment. Keep it up.

  6. salah uddin shah says

    sir we are with u, sir besides district administration the religious clerics of our locality are also responsible to play their role

  7. Kaleem shahzad says

    Good Job Sir i Appreciate the movement you start…we are with You..

  8. M.fawad says

    Very good Rahmat Ali sb. Hope our ‘educated’ ‘hunters’ would realise their barbarism. M. Fawad

  9. Zahiruddin says

    In the olden days when there were no source of information, education and entertainment hunting used to be carried out on large scale everywhere in entire chitral. With the passage of time now people have come to realize that killing the innocent guests on their visit to our area is tantamount to barbarism, brutality and cruelty and far from justice. Chitralis having been known for their hospitality across the globe it totally doesn’t suit them separating tongueless parents from there children and kids from there parents. I would like to very humbly request to our hunter brothers to join hands with Rehmat Ali Jaffar Dost in his endeavors for this noble cause.

  10. Afzal Wali Badakhsh says

    Mankind is referred as “Ashraf ul Makhluqat”. He is supreme on other creatures of the Creator. It doesn’t mean that we should be cruel to other weak creatures. These migratory birds are part of our Ecology and have their role in our lives too which we don’t know. We support this Man sitting under the banners in every step he takes toward protection of our environment.
    Thank you R.A JaffarDost for raising slogan against those BARBARIAN who has violently killed the guest birds on our land.

  11. Fardad Ali Shah Sanik Bala says

    Good job.
    We really appreciate your untiring efforts for the protection of our environment. It is now time for all Chitralis to raise voice against injustices done to our environment. We are destroying our natural beauty in the name of hunting killing thousands of migratory birds every day.
    Thanks Mr. Rehmat Jaffar dost for deriving attention of the concern authorities to stop killing of migratory birds.

  12. Gul Wali Khan says

    Good job, keep up the good. Let us hope the district administration will wake up from the deep slumber. Also, this is very unfortunate that not a single Chitral opted to join hands with him. At least people living around Balach shotar could have brought some ‘chai, chapoti’ for him if nothing else??
    شکوہ ظلمت شب سے تو کئی بہتر ہے
    اپنےحصے کا کوئی شمع جلاتے جائیں

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