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Winter clothes distributed in Kalash valleys

kalash The founder and CEO of KPDN Luke Rehmat in the press statement said: ‘’We have been mobilizing and utilizing our meagre resources to help flood affectees and become their voice in hard times, that was very tough time for the mountain’s residence’’ Mr. Rehmat thanked Culture of Resistance, CoR, for providing winter clothes for 800 kids in Kalasha valleys, and helped rehabilitation work in the valleys. Mr. Fazal Azim, senior KPDN, said that “The community is very happy on reaching out to more families in the valleys.’ Chairperson of the KPDN, Ms. Gul Nazar, said, ‘’we are working on ground to help our fellows and we hope to work for the betterment of valleys and different communities in future as well.’’ She said that ‘’we together would be able to achieve development and preservation goals, with support of AKHUAT clothes bank, we have been distributed five hundred family clothes and two hundred sweaters and now distributed eight hundred warm coats to the kids with the help of Lara Lee head of Culture of Resistance, as we saw they kids were more required to have winter clothes compared to adults.’’ ]]>

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