Pi Day celebrated at AKHSS Kuragh

students Generally, mathematics is perceived to be a boring, difficult, dry and exclusive for students of mathematics. On the contrary, the activities of the day negated this perception, through attracting visitors’ curiosity and rigor towards mathematics. Through this program, students from various classes presented different projects, which included mathematical brainteasers, puzzles, games, riddles and tricks for the visitors.The faculties, administrative staff and students visited the stalls of their choice to try a mathematical task. All the teachers also visited the stalls and tried their mathematical skills. The visitors who attempted most number of mathematical task were awarded ‘Mathematical Curiosity Award’ whereas those who successfully attempted most number of mathematical tasks were awarded ‘Mathematical Competence Awards’. The Pi Day comprised of three phases. In the first phase students gave a multimedia presentation in a ssembly in the morning, highlighting the background of Pi Day and its various forms of presentations around the world. In addition, they also gave the brief account of the plan for different activities throughout the day. The second phase was inaugurated at 11:30 a.m. in presence of the principal, faculties and students’ representatives. In this phase, students had installed stalls of different mathematical brainteasers, puzzles, games, riddles and tricks. All the school communities of AKHSS Kuragh were invited to visit the stalls to try their mathematical skills. The last phase of program was the award distribution ceremony. This phase consisted of award distribution and concluding remarks from the principal, faculties and students. The program for the day was planned and organized by the students of grade 10, with facilitation from mathematics teachers. A committee consisting of both Math and Physics teachers was constituted to overlook the projects and later award them based on their presentation, ideas and interesting ways of presenting them. Excitement of the students and teachers was at the peak while they were wholly immerged in resolving the puzzling and perplexing mathematical activities. This one and a half hour program ended on a thanksgiving note of Mr. Mukhtar which was followed by a concluding speech of the Principal Ms. Sultana Burhan Uddin. Speaking on the occasion she congratulated the students and the relevant teachers for holding such a wonderful program and admired the effort made by the students. She advised the students to give a serious thought to their studies especially Mathematics as it is the mother of all knowledge that promotes curiosity, interest and creativity and advances the thinking skills and brings about a clean and keen imagination. ]]>

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