Chitrali woman found hanged in Kharian

District Council offers Fateha for hanged murderer

CHITRAL: The district council of Chitral during a session here offered Fateha for Mumtaz Qadri, who was hanged in Adiala jal of Rawalpindi for murdering Punjab Governor Salman Taseer in Islamabad in 2011 for his alleged opposition to Pakistan’s blasphemy law. 

Qadri was hailed as a hero by some Islamist groups, and thousands of hard-line activists protested to show their support for him at the time.

As the district council session started, one of its members rose on his seat and asked the chair for suspending the proceeding to offer Fateha for the convict which was accepted.


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  1. It is no surprising to see some people crying foul under the pretext of protecting Chitrali culture and civilization. I never saw even a single one of them being so upset when a large number of Chitrali girls were married off by their parents to outsiders. They were never seen protesting over the growing trend of “Thara, chars” and such other things being frequently used by Chitrali youth. No one dare speak a single word against religious disharmony. Not a single individual bothered to take the lead in exposing the corrupts, because those who are involved in corrupt practices in the area are so-called influentials. The Chitrali music is on the verge of complete collapse due to some publicity mongers playing at hands of pathan and Punjabi girls. But when a girl stood up to give voice to the girls, the ‘champions’started flexing muscles because it is a bit easy to intimidate a girl. Peit me maror shuru ho gaya, takleef huyi, saqafat yaad aaayi, tahzeeb bhanei lagi, and declared Chitral a haven. I would like to ask those who think the way a girl speaks completely negates the Chitrali culture: Is it justified Chitrali girls wearing jeans, and skin tight pajamas; is it right a Chitrali girl wandering around without taking shawl or pitek over her head; is it right posting pictures on the social media esp facebook, pretending as they are Kareena Kapoor; and then criticizing whose only fault is to
    challenge the misogynists????
    mai.n akelaa hee chalaa thaa jaanib e manzil magar
    log saath aate gaye aur kaarvaa.n bantaa gayaa…!

  2. In my long drawn discussion against the male chauvinism in our Khow society, it was equally appalling for me to note that although some of my brothers rushed to support me but not a single sister dared to say a word in my favour. It means that they are still under the dominance of men and they are in dire need of empowerment. Keeping this in view, I have decided to come to Chitral and join any of the leading organizations like AKRSP and do something for them at the very cost of my bright career that awaits me here in the federal capital.

  3. Dear Fahad Sultan.I am amazed having gone through your comments wherein you have taken so much pains in order to shed some light on the topic in hand from legal point of view that too with the hint of irony that how the social scientists and psychologists dare comment on such a topic (of legal nature). Having said that, lets be agreed to; Mumtaz Qadri did go through due process of law and thereby was convicted as well as executed; agreed. But could you please figure out any section of law suggesting that offering Fatiha for an executed person is wrong or tantamount to CoC. You couldn’t because your argument has no legal footing suffering from legal lacunas and non liquet. Suppose your proposition is accepted for a while then what is your take on offering Fatiha for ZA Bhutto (to whom and his son in law, Mr. S Wazir has pledged allegiance) who also went through the same so called judicial process and was executed (embraced shahadat)? As far as invoking Pakistan Penal Code section 499,500 and 501 are concerned, it is again ridiculous to think of invoking these sections just for difference of opinion. My dear! Its 21st century. Lets agree to disagree. Difference of opinion is the beauty of democracy, a democracy where people have the right of freedom of expression. That’s why Voltaire maintains, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” So don’t ever try to muzzle the voice of people in the name of these sections which are nothing more than the colonial lerics of the bygone Britishers. They say that our wrangling lawyers are so litigious and busy here on earth that I think they will plead their client’s causes in the hereafter.

  4. Since all the social scientists and psychologists have commented on this particular political and legal issue. I, as a civil and criminal lawyer, would like to shed some light on it and would like to reply to some of the baseless points and allegations that have side tracked the entire topic at hand.
    First of all, it should be kept in mind that Mumtaz Qadri went through an entire judicial process. Which means, he was given the right to appeal and defend himself, which he fully availed but to the discontent of the courts, he couldn’t prove himself. Also, if you think about it rationally, how could he? No one is above the law and “no man can be a judge in his own cause”, this is the very essence of law. I will not comment on whether Mr. Salman Taseer had committed the offence of blasphemy or not. Even if he had, no one gave Mumtaz Qadri the right to take his life. As they say “zindagi deney wala aur zindagi leney wala sirf Upar wala hai”. Keeping this in mind. Mumtaz Qadri was in grave violation of the laws of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and he was hence declared, a murderer after a judicial process.
    It is good to have a difference of opinion, However when you offer Fateha at a district council level for a person who has been declared as a murderer by the Hon’ble Courts of Pakistan, then it is very much tantamount to a contempt of court and is triable as an offence by the courts, whether the offence is committed by a woman or a man. Everyone is equal before the law.
    This was pointed out by some commenting on this thread and by Mr. Sultan Wazir. However the whole topic was derailed after some illogical comments.
    @shehla Hakim: I am proud to know that I have sisters in chitral who have sound knowledge of politics and the people around them. However, this topic was just about Mumtaz Qadri and you came with a feministic approach and your comments may be appropriate for a women empowerment debate, not on a topic like this. Keep in mind that I am a Feminist activist myself but what you said was completely irrelevant to the topic at hand. No one is suppressing women here, in fact we are proud to be represented by our sisters and mothers.
    Moreover, just for educational purposes and for this website, I would like to highlight the all-important concept of the law of Defamation. The offence of criminal defamation is established in the Pakistan Penal Code under Sections 499, 500 and 501 whereby defaming someone by either spoken words or actions without proof and trying to lower someone down in the general estimation and eyes of the public at large is an offence in the Islamic republic of Pakistan. Using Innuendos, unjustifiable and unprovable allegations and attacking a man’s character comes within the ambit of these sections. Therefore, please think twice before writing things like “investing” money into politics and commenting on the time of a comment. Whatever you mean by them does not need any clarification. These innuendos come within the ambit of law once again and are hence, illegal in the eyes of law. Nonetheless, I am very proud of my Chitrali sister as her profound knowledge of politics is very much evident from her comments and no one should discourage her from commenting on such topics as it is very refreshing to see such enthusiasm.
    @Chitrali: I would again, humbly, like to educate you as to your legal responsibilities. It is all fun and games to post somewhere and raise questions on someone’s character when you are posting anonymously. Defaming someone while impersonating someone else again goes outside the confines of the law set by Prevention of Electronic Crimes Ordinance, 2008 and the Defamation laws itself. Not to mention that, to uphold the rule of law, an IP address of a computer can be easily traced to uphold the law. But as a mentioned, this is just for educational purposes and no one is discouraged from commenting in any way possible.
    I have done my LLB from the University of London and I am a member of the Hon’ble Society of Lincoln’s Inn. As such, it was my duty as a son of Chitral and a student of law to shed some light on the legalities of things with my limited knowledge of law. Again, difference of opinion is expected and not discouraged in any way. Thanks 

  5. Shamil zhan tu tan he agrezian gani ispa kapalo chamaitav. Psychology bo raik sehato bachain jam no. prushti kura commentsan lorawoshtam ta hami falsafan kori band artam.

  6. @Gul Wali, Shafiq Sudais and Chitrali: Thanks for filling me with courage while some of my brothers had left no stone unturned in pushing me to the morass of frustration as it was my maiden interaction in the media. It is time to encourage the women folk to come along in all walks of life as they have proved their mettle. Let your sisters shoulder your responsibility and accept them whole heartedly and take it as social change which no one can contain.

    1. Mr. Shamil, it is your magnanimity to entitle miss shehla with your applause at the end. I am writing with the generic name (chitrali) which is shared by all of us besides our common humanity. I neither know miss shehla nor have acquantaince with any one of the commentators and as such am not scared of anyone nor in need of anyones favour. To me, writing with a suedo name makes our debate impersonal and fruitful. No one can adjudigate me criminal as i have neither forfieted anyones right nor abused other. I am an erring mortal ready to confess my mistakes whenever i make. Allah has blessed me with his bounties for which i always feel myself weak enough to be thankful. My background and present status are not lower than anyone by any ephemeral human standards. You may meet me anytime, anywhere if you really want to. Therefore Your recent study in pschology fails to pschoanalyse me as i am neither histrionic,avoidant nor on the borderline. Being a regular reader of the voice of the voceless, i felt compelled to support the voice of a sister which was being stifled. I think, Opposing mr sultan wazir will not affect his personality in the least as he has lived his much coveted life in the superior services but degrading a novice sister woud mean shutting the door of improvement at her face. postscript. S. Freud says that superiority complex is deeply rooted in inferiority complex. Selfglorification makes this complex manifestly visible. Adler another giant of psychology states that self assertion is one of the dominant drives in humans which if not kept in check will turn human beings into megamoniacs to be a threat to humanity. Our self assertion should not be atleast at the expense humiliating others. thanks

  7. @ Chitrali: You don’t have the right to air your comments. If you are that much brave, why dont you give your identity at the top, so that ur reader could recognize you and your background.Three entities hide their reality from beings; The first is God, second Satan, third, a criminal. You can’t be God, Satan is more powerful than you.If you are not a criminal than what thing makes u hide your identity? Shame? Having un-worthy face/Name? or Fear?
    Perhaps ur psychological soundness and strength of inner self compels you to hide your identity. Gentlemnan Chitrali! you referred to some psychological disorders/frailties above. Interestingly i am studying psychology nowadays,Just to share with you a little of what i have read few days back. You know the people who hide their self, name etc are suffering from psychological disorders? In fact those who anonymously try to do some thing are having any of the three psychological disorder, They may either be suffering from “Border-Line Personality Disorder”, or “Histrionic Personality Disorder” or “Avoidant personality disorder”. In border-Line PD, the person lacks a sense of self, in Histrionic PD a person lack a sense of self-worth and depend for his welbeing by attracting the attention of others, People with Avoidant PD believe that they the socially unworthy, inferior and constantly fear of being criticized, therefore, they tend to hide their identity to escape from criticism. Being a new student of Psychology, i notice some sorts of psychological disorders in a “CHITRALI” above who in order to get attraction/ Favor and to avoid criticism hides his real face. Any student of psychology must be able to identify more of you psychological strengths!…((The End))
    I appreciate the courageous stance of Ms.ShehlaHakim. She is entitled to a round applause. I must say, a new University pass-Out may not have that much insight/Guts as she possesses.

  8. Qadri is ” Munkere Sunnat” If the Pak Nabi Hazrat Muhammad (SAWS) forgives Abujehel who the Hell Qadri is goes againt Pak Nabi’s Uswa E Hasna.

  9. Shehla kai, you carry the standard of truth, rationality, logic, and benignity . Your flawless english expressions hit the bulls eye. You seem not to be an amateur writer trying to improve your english but look to be a writer of impressive lucid style. You are stronger than the ostentasious, braggarts whose comments of self aggrandisement by snubbing others show their pschological frailities. Hamlet in his assumed madness might have snubbed ophelia and stated, fraility thy name is woman, but in reality frail is he who is weak from inside. Your moral and intellectual strength is indomitable. The egocentric comments trying to degrade your position are self-evident. Arrogance may seem flourishing to the immediate spectators but truth prevails in the long run, so dont be downcast and always stick to the banner of truth.

  10. I would like to appreciate the maturity of thought shown by Mst.Shehla Hakim. Those who are hell bent on opposing her are indeed devoid of any logic and just beating about the bush. Napoleon Bonaparte once said,”Give me an educated mother and I shall promise you the birth of a civilized and educated nation”. The quotation carries a lot of weight.I personally feel that an educated daughter like Shehla Hakim augurs the birth of an educated nation. At the same time, I was taken aback looking at the few comments made by some learned writers. The most appalling one was the attitude and approach exhibited by Mr.Sultan Wazir. It is indeed unfathomable that how can a man of his stature be so boastful of his status and position. No doubt he is a pride of Chitral being able to have got to high rank of bureaucracy. But it does not mean that he has every right to ridicule his own people. Success follows those who show respect to others through their down to earth nature. WO DAANA KHAK MEY MIL KR GULU GULZAR HOTA HEYE.

  11. We all must accept that Shehla Begum has just stolen the show whether you agree with her or not. I really appreciate her bravery, courage and confidence. It would not be wrong if I may say that she is doing a wonderful job in helping the Chitrali women who are hesitant to break the stereotypes. Without an iota of doubt, she is an inspiration for young Chitrali girls and the way she is confronting her critics is commendable. Keep it up, the great fighter.

  12. @ You need care. Because frailty thy name is women. That is why punjab government has enacted your “PROTECTION” Bill. If you were strong enough to protect/Care for yourself, than enactment of “PROTECTION” Bill would not have been necessary.
    Moreover, in Urdu literature they say “Sinfay Nazuk” to the entity under discussion,the very name presuppose protection and care.
    Having said this light note,I must say, have deep respect for women. Humanity is not possible without them. Also you deserve our respect. I really extend my respect to you for being eloquent so eloquent and withstanding criticism from us. Don’t be discourage, keep ur spirit high. Baaz aandhi unch uranay k liay bhe chaltie haa. In some philosophical tradition they say nothing is right or wrong.It is only culture which makes one thing right and other wrong…so construction of one’s own system of right and/or wrong will also work, if one is courageous to follow it….

  13. @Jalaluddin Shamil: Do not try to care about me for I do know how to respect my elders as I have been trained by my great parents and my family but at the same time I have been taught to call a spade a spade at any cost. You are fortunate not to be a Punjabi where Freedom of Women Act is on the anvil and a man teasing making women of even his own family are instantly arrested. You seem to support a mentality by which you think about the weaker sex as an inferior creature who should never open her mouth before the strong creature (men).

  14. I have just left my university after completing my master in social science. I had a great perception about my practical life but it is disgusting and painful and pinching for me to find that fetters are here ready for a woman folk who cannot think, talk, express herself in the manner she wants. When I ventured to write some about my respected brother Sultan Wazir, I am being reprimanded and carried over the coals by my brothers and elders. I expected a high calibre of statesmanship from Mr. Wazir who must be as calm as ocean and highly accommodate those who criticized him as a highly educated who served in superior service. In politics, one must try that he/she should gain a friend and win over a hostile or enemy and his attitude has greatly disappointed me beyond redemption. Being a family supporting the party from the very Great Zulfi days, I would not opt to work as polling agent in my area although I will vote (unwillingly) vote him, if he manages to get the ticket. I stand by my version of supporting the lady member of the zilla council to accomplish a great act which the chicken-hearted males did not dare.

    1. Thank you Shehla for the desire to vote for me. I am a student of Political Science. I have decided to take part in political affairs. Electioneering is one of the procedures prescribed for getting a slot in the Law-making body in a province or in the Centre of the Federation of Pakistan. I am a son of Chitral. I did Matric from GHS Shagram Torkhow. I have been lucky to top the district in FA and BA in 1976 and 1978 respectively. I was lucky again to be a Lecturer in Political Science in Government Degree College Chitral from 1981 to 1984.I have a galaxy of brilliant students around 3000 in the district. My students excelled in all the fields. I am proud to have my students as Provincial Secretaries, professors, CSS Officers, Colonels in the army, doctors, Engineers etc. I am having a masters degree in Law and a Diploma in Persian. I don’t know whether or not my party considers me for the electoral politics. Your each and every word is full of courage. You are a brave daughter of Chitral. May ALLAH bless you.

  15. @Fateha: I am at a loss to understand why offering Fateha for a hanged murderer is an issue for the people of Chitral. We the people voted for JI and JUIF in the LB elections and they have a majority in the house. JI Chief Siraj Sab attended the funeral and held that the hanged murderer is Shaheed and almost broke into tears at his grave. So why anyone is surprised if LB members of such party are offering Fateha for MQ? Anyoe remember once JUIF Chitral held a one day conference in Honour of TTP in Commerce College Chitral?? Foll me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

  16. Every one has its own contribution in development and serices to the community and one should not compare one with other and the politics is altogether is totally different field where people has choice and we respect that choice. Every one has equal right to join and do politics and we have no right to criticise any onem whether he done something or nothing. Let the people decide, they are the best judge. In Chitral, educated people must come forward to take part in politics and let the public be informed about the development so publics must be well aware of their right and duties and no (bureaucratic or politician) could deceive them. We need a sincere, educated, competent, leadership to guide the highly educated, motivated Chitral Society. Debate and critism must not be discouraged rather encouraged so every leader should clarify his/her position and public must have the right to ask question without any fear. Chitral is abode of khow and Kalash people and it has unique history, no outsider can explain or define our path of development to us, only we (Chitralis) guide our path of future. We have to right to comment, crticise and question but it must be in benign kho style.

  17. Chitraro muhazab, talimyafta, amanpasand royan, pesa muxi bo lot lot roy d asakbrani la, , mulazimata paisa jama kore, ya islamabad phok koto sawze pesa zindagia bo karnama kore asakbratami wa, firaon ehrame misr sawze d pesa sar kia lot dawa no kardo brai wa, what a mentality? Your liberal education and the wide spread expanse of plain areas where you are lodging yourselves now, could not broaden the tunnel view you have inherited from the geographically less fortunate narrow highlands. So called Clerics may be on one end of the extreme but you being definetely on the other end of the extreme are a bane for the peace and tranquality of the area. The silent majority, the midmost community abhors both the narrow minded cleric and the obsecurantist, vain glorious boasting liberals. Your remarks portray Chitral to be a narrow valley bottling up while reaching torkhow. Sorry to speak my heart out.

  18. Yeah i agree with you, you have all the right to express yourself. But expression should not be at the cost of insulting others.You have in your reach the examples of Khadija(R.a) a successful entrepreneur, Aish(Ra) successful rider in battle field, Zainab(Ra) a poetess used to read her poems in front of congregration, Sultan iltumish’s daughter Razia, a great ruler, Rani of Jhansi Lakshmi Bhai, a great worrior.Mother Teresa,Margeret Thatcher, Benazir, the upcoming president of US, Halery Clinton and many others. But being a Chitrali women you need to practice at least some of the norms of our culture.Otherwise, the situation will lead to women liberation as resulted in the west in consequence of Karl Marx’s teachings on women.
    If One read “between the lines” of your comments, will conclude to suggest you to take course in ethics first, before going for empowerment of women or politics.
    As far as ur comments about PMG Sb is concerned, go back and see. your intention was never to exalt him. You have just included his name in a less desirable way to strengthen your comment in order to defeat Sultan Wazir Sb in the argumentation. I also condemn you words which you used for Sultan Wazir Sb and the respectful ustadul Asatiza Sher Wali Khan Aseer Sb…If you are a bechi i’m sorry to be so rude. if you are a young Xhur than Ma Nasihato kar kori phuk tn muxa change angya. Warna life has its way to bind you, to bend you, to grill you and grid you. It will do it in so many different ways. hatot khowara rayr beriar chechayk. Thanksss.

  19. @Shehla Hakim: Isn’t this quite strange to see a PPP diehard defending a murderer and that too of Salmaan Taseer, a close associate of late Benazir Bhutto?? You fell short to declare a murderer as a martyre and supported those who offered fateha for him and now you claim that you are a PPP wala by birth…kya yeh khula tazad nehi he??

  20. @Jalaluddin Shamil: It is time for us, women folk, to express ourselves for which I salute the PML-N (although I am PPP by birth) who introduced the historical Women Protection Bill in Punjab Assembly. So no one should no more teach the women the confines and contours of decency or what you name it. Secondly, I meant to glorify and aggrandize Sardar Ali, the Great who rendered services to Chitralis irrespective of region or sect and it is his greatness. My second contention was that the people of Chitral do not value their benefactors or heros and they turn themselves deaf and dumb when they are in the screening room of the polling station. I want to tell my respectable brother Sultan Wazir that if the people did not voted a man of the stature of Sardar Ali, then how he can expect for himself who is still alien to an ordinary man in the district if he manages to get himself nominated for the NA.

  21. Sultan Wazir sahib e luwo maneki Shela Hakim sahiba bo karara jawab prai 🙂 if I were you I would have clarified the allegations she has levelled against you. Anyhow, if you think brakh bralh hosi hami ilzamatan ki mustarad korik ki kafi sher, it is up to you.

  22. @Sultan wazir: I was not surprised to see the answer looking at the time of its posting which was 12.01 am.

  23. We Chitrali people had the pride to be social and civilized.One of the many remarkable characteristics of Chitrali/Kho Civilization had been “respect to elders”. Our young generation is going to kick it out in the name of politics. My humble request to our youth is, please abide by our traditional values in each walk of life.

    1. Aseer sahib I agree with you , the young generation is crossing limits of decency and politeness , the very features of Khow culture in the name of freedom of expression

  24. every one has right to take part in politics and every voter has right to use his vote according to his will, educated people should come to politics for change but our people are not ready for change and always vote for old faces.

    1. right no one has right to impose his version of truth on others,no one can only be right and others one should shy away from reality of accepting the truth with open heart and show respect to others opinion rising above vested interests

  25. so you did’t know what the Mulla can do after coming into all know they confuse murder and spread mayhem in the name of the Holy religion.they think they can kill every one and come out hero scapegoating the name of kindest of Holy Prophets.their national leaders never condemned suicide attackers in precise terms,they have confused the whole nation with their twisted logic.It is an open secret that according to theirs ideology a suicide bomber receives blessings of Allah Almighty.pity!you have chosen them as representative so let them define your destiny.

  26. @sultan Wazir: You have fully exposed your thinking by saying that a ten rupee currency note is enough to identify oneself. you must have earned too much which you are going to ‘invest’ in the business of politics in Chitral. You should also know that your future is not different from ex PMG Sardar Ali who had many edges over you as he fervently appointed the Chitralis in post office department. It is the tragedy of PPP that every retired officer yearns to ride it and scramble to the parliament house but DIL K ARMAAN AANSOO’N ME BEH GAE. In politics, be plain in your words and abstain from Torkhowichi war.

    1. @ShehlaHakim
      Ma Xhur, try to remain within the confines of the much needed decency. Don,t drag people into a discourse which has nothing to do with them. The retired PMG which you refereed to is one of the “Mohsin” of atleast many poor people of Chitral. No other chitrali bureaucrat has served the people as much as The PMG did. Winning or loosing an election is not any yardstick to gauge the stature of a person. The PMG is still respected by thousands in Chitral and enjoying good days by cherishing his services to the people of Chtrl. Learn to respect elders.

    2. Hahahahahahaha & Hhahaha & Hahahahaha……..AND HAHAHAHJAHA. I have no answer to any silly question.Hahahahahahahah.

  27. Sultan Wazir claims to be leader of PPP. What is the opinion of Sultan Wazir and Sher Wali Khan about Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto??
    Wasn’t it the decision of court and some other procedures mentioned by Sultan Wazir were fulfilled??

  28. I am not very found of Sultan Wazir at all rather I have been contradicting his statements. But in this particular case, he has won my heart. Hats off to you, man. as far as looking down on what you said your leaders, who have 0/0 contribution, it is not only Sultan Wazir who does not like them rather, the people of Chitral have become fed up of your so-called leaders. They have no capacity to call a spade a spade; to serve their people; the help the downtrodden, etc. The only thing for which they could be seen is offering fateha for convicted murderers. If this is what you think is prerequisite to become a leader, I am sorry ma ihpusar, I would rather vote for a Kalash, for a dog, for a donkey and whosoever contests against your current leadership who have brought the whole state to a sorry state. What these clerics have done for Chitral except fueling sectarianism in the district? I will bring to the fore who is doing what in Chitral under the gusie of being a cleric. How these molvis control the chicken-hearted NGO walas in order to maintain their badmashi? Do you think people living outside Chitral have no right to speak for the rights of Chitral? I am living in islamabad for the last over 15 years now and I have every right to take clerics to task. Enough is enough. Keep up the good work, Sultan Wazir. Speak your heart out. The people of Chitral stand by you. Chitral badly needs a leader who has the guts to remind these so-called leaders their worth.

  29. @Sultan Wazir: It seems that the people are did not like the fateha khani for Mumtaz Qadri because it was moved by a lady member of the house while the society is male dominated one. As far as you Mr. Sultan Wazir is concerned, you should come to Chitral to take part in active politics instead of sitting in your cozy and comfortable house situated in Peshawar or some other city. Do not try to become Altaf Hussain or Benazir Bhutto who carried on their politics from abroad. From your comments about different leaders in different times, it seems that you are in superiority complex and look down upon our leaders (of all shades and opinions). We love all our political leaders who are living here throughout the year. The people know WHO IS WHO AND WHAT.

    1. Shehla Beti.I can guess that you are a chitrali. You must be knowing me but I don’t know you.Iam a Torkhowechi ,having ancestral residential house at village Ujnu and dwelling houses at village Khot and Washich.Iam one of the descendants of the custodians of Ziarat Gesu Sharif of Khot Torkhow.I have a huge human assets which ordinary people can not imagine of.Iam very much in politics.You have every right to have your likings but no right to fire in the air.I know better than anyone else about the whose who and whats what in Chitral.It is not difficult to identify a person these days, thanks to the modern technology.A ten rupee note in a persons pocket is enough to identify the who…….

  30. One of the member who was in the meeting told me that apart from some of the members of PTI who abstained from offering fatiha all other party members offered fateha at the request of the JUI and JI members.

  31. I agree with Mr. Sultan Wazir sb whose comment is elaborate. The Fatiha Resolution of District Council, Chitral is tantamount to Contempt of Court. The august Supreme Court of Pakistan should take suo moto action against the District Council, Chitral. Otherwise, this shameful act of the elected representatives would be a reference item for defence of such like lawlessness, in future.

  32. The District Council Chitral is a lower tier of the KPK Government.The case of murder of Mr.Salman Tasser was a public crime covered by the Pakistan Penal Code under Section 302.It went through the judicial process. The highest judicial fora of Pakistan held Mr.Qadri guilty of the murder of Mr.Salman Taseer.The President of Pakistan who holds the powers to reprieve and pardon under the Constitution, declined to accept the pardon request. The convicted person was punished as per the orders of the highest court of the country and the head of the state of Pakistan-the President.Prayers for condolences are the religious rituals indeed and can be performed in favour of any one. But the condolence held at the District Council is symbolic and a clear manifestation of defiance to the judicial verdict of the highest Court of Pakistan and the orders of the President of Pakistan. This action of the members of District Council Chitral who performed this ritual, amounts to the contempt of court.And in-discipline within the provisions of the KPK Local Government Act.Members of the District Council Chitral should be made to understand that they are not the members of the Parliament of Pakistan. The Provincial Government should organize a training program to teach them the KPK Local Government Act.

  33. If the elected representative want Fatiha khani for any one, he can do it at his home, if each and every death in the country is offered fatikha khani, then the whole year session will not enough to accomodate them. I sugguest the district council better concentrate on developments of Chitral and prosperity of this remote district, where the people are suffering from multiple problems.

  34. With due respect. The District council members have time to do all these things,which is not their mandate. They don’t have any future plan for Chitral and even they can’t not spend the allocated development budget for Chitral. Which shows their ability, efficiency,honesty and interest with their mandate. Chitral people can only expect fatiha khani from the current District Council members for the coming five years.

  35. Fatiha Khwani
    Over the above news item many friends have commented in support and against. I want to comment on the comments of those who are irritated over the word Fatiha Khwani. The fatiha khwani appealed by a lady who is also member of the house just like the other 37 members, including Moulana Sahibans.
    Dear Friends, before commenting on any item please look carefully into the content. Neither the lady member nor the district assembly has condemned the decision of court. How can you say that Fatiha Khwani is illegal. Fatiha khwani could be offered for any deceased muslim. Yes, if the lady member or the house had come with condemning of the court’s decision that your point were genuine.
    Fatiha khwani could be offered for any muslim. Please try to understand the meaning of Fatiha Khwani as well. Mercy could be sought even for a guilty person rather a guilty person much need this.
    Court has ordered to hang the murderer not banned on fatiha khwani.

    1. Several people die in Chitral town every day, some pious, some popular, some even saintly. Has the district council offered Fateha Khwani for any one of them? Why for a convicted murderer who has nothing to do with Chitral?

  36. Mumtaz Qadri is no doubt, the hero of the Muslim who sent to hell the person who was so called Muslim and who was known as Gustaakh rasool. The end of such people should not be different. Mumtaz Qadri will remain live in the hearts of the Muslim for hundreds of years to come. I salute my sister Nighat Perveen, the wife of veteran journalist Kamal Abdul Jamil for guiding the house to pay fateha for the martyre.

  37. Fathewa khawani for murderer. What a shame. It is unfortunate that our people elected extremist mentality people as their representatives.

  38. Pity the nation which makes a hero out of a cold blooded murderer. District council is the representative of the society. If it brandishes this thinking, Whom should we look up to.

  39. This is the level of our elected leaders, so low we have fallen that we are proudly offering fateha for a killer who was hanged by our own government. Nawaz Sharif Zindabad, for not bowing to the pressure from the Mullahs.

  40. Majority of Muslims across the country including Chitral believe Mumtaz Qadiri hero. His funeral prayer was attended by thousands of people which is testimony what people of Pakistan consider him.

  41. we expect District Council Chitral to pass an anonymous resolution condemning Supreme Court of Pakistan for ordering and hanging the son of soil Shaheed Ghazi Mumtaz Qadri. shame on you Distrcit Council, for how many peoples you will pay fatiha khani, this shows your mentality, ignorance and illitracy. it means you are challanging to the writ of the govt specially and to the Honorable Supreme court of Pakistan in particular. what a deed qadri has performed by killing Salman Taseer, where we heading and what message we giving to the rest of world. we must think about this?

  42. so the elected assembly of chitral is of firm opinion that the murder of salman taseer was justified. if there was no dissenting voice against the move in the house, it shows how deep the society is chitral has fallen and what direction these molvis are taking the people.

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