Handing over of Langlands school to society opposed

council The council passed a unanimous resolution in this regard stating that the handing over of the institute to the society would not be accepted at all costs. The house was informed that a summary had already been sent to the chief minister KP for handing the school to the society. The members said that the school owned cash and property worth Rs4 billion and its handing over to the society would not be in the interest of the people of Chitral. The members on the occasion wanted to know the details of the relief activities in the calamity-hit district. Briefing the house, Deputy Commissioner Osama Ahmad Waraich said that the prime minister had issued direction during his visit to Chitral to pay compensation to the affected people within three days but it was humanly impossible to implement the orders in a valley spreading over 14850 square kilometers rugged mountainous area. Even then, he added, a survey was carried out and as many as 18414 affected people were paid Rs2.20 billion so far. He said the damages estimate of the property from floods was around 16 to 17 billion rupees but the KP government refused to make any major allocations. The DC appealed to the district council to allocate funds for the reconstruction of the Chitral-Booni Garam Chashma and Bumburate roads as there were chances of flooding in the streams and nullahs.–Bashir Hussain Azad ]]>

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  1. A good move by the district assembly. It must be materialized soon by the political representatives and worthy DC chitral. The langlands school needs to be released from the clutches of vested interests who after making a mess of the school have influenced the c.m kp to hand this govt asset over to them, the so called society by disengaging it from district govt so that they may carry on feathering their nests (through hotel business, building contracts, teacher appointments etc). In that case, no govt organisation will have ownership right over it. The so called society shall be the only masters. Govt property worth of billions will lay in their lap for ever. No parent, no teacher, no citizen. no govt or public representative will have a stake in the school. This is being virtually practiced in the present time. Its recent example was observed a few days back when a court was launched in the hindukush heights to resolve a minor conflict between a parent(a lawyer) and a headmiss. Tlsc is govt financed educational institution. It must remain a govt property. Dc chitral may take it over soon. As he has grabbed govt land from enchroachers so should he release it from the cluches of vested interests. An immediate formation of local board of governers comprising real educationists like college professors, retired principals and representatives of elementary and secondary education and educated parents is need of the hour.

  2. There are five group in this issue they fuel it every time. 1.the teachers who by their poor track record, dishonesty , moral and financial corruption were sacked. they want to leave no stone unturned to demean, and make the situation cotroversial. 2. there is a political party i mean JI which wants this school continue to be the centre of the party and the teachers its workers,therefore, takes interest in it and makes it controversial only keeping it its centre,and partly supporting the JI supportive sacked teachers to get their favour and for its own interest at the end. 3. there is another group of people they are interested in having position and say in school administration, and BOG so that they could get a new status and position in Chitral through this mean. 4. there is a group of teachers they oppose each other mostly in females, in lower sections. the sacked teachers are also against a female teacher without a solid reason , only criticizing them for their works.5.there are teachers they want to bring change in system and thinking to provide better learning opportunities for the children to chitral as part of their professional and moral duty, but in the list of the names of these teachers some teachers are more concerned about the money they cash then the school improvement.
    The recent discussion in the district council meeting on the school is nothing but the proverbial expression about bear in Chitral. It has much to do in Chitral because nothing has yet been done in Chitral in constructing roads, nullah, canals, pipelines in flood affected areas since the season of watering has started. They have no idea of what to do , just for mere a discussion raise a topic. It was also noted that few administrator in district administration undue interfering in the matter of school supporting a party though they have nothing to do with it. they have to work as their duty being a public servant!otherwise there are multiple options to book them all in the open media and complain cells of chief minister.

  3. In ancient time there would be one person Mehtar e Chitral,now a days everyone has become Mehtar e Chitral…ha ha ha ha ha Please close this Chapter, focus to developmental and important activities, do not waste your energies and capacities to devastate your peaceful and the holy piece of the land located in the great geographical position on the glob.
    I am surprised to see this situation for last long period, time to time unfortunately everyone writes something either in favor or against the principal of SPS Chitral. It is not reliable and believable work to promote education in the region. What kind of knowledge you are giving to your generation that only this one that distort the real cultural and traditional and historical feature of Chitral.
    Please respect to each other maintain the brotherhood among each other, so when our hearts become soft like wax then we will be able to respect each other otherwise the prolonged recurring and uncivilized discussion shall take us far from the perfect solution of the matter. So my wish and request to all of my public that you think positive to find the real and complete solution of this situation….
    thank you.

  4. How unfortunate it is to see the district government indulging into something which is none of their business. It is no different than the special allocation for hydel power projects by the district nazim despite knowing the provincial government had already allocated enough money for construction of hydel power projects.
    These people were seen nowhere when the school was about to face closure. I even blame the teachers of the school whom Ms Carey Schofield is trying to project as REAL HEROS despite knowing the fact that they did nothing except shedding crocodile tears to save their jobs.
    The controversial female teachers against whom enough had already been written are still trying to intimidate Ms Carey through their male colleagues. Can Ms Carey hold a probe into reports that one female teacher telling one of her male colleagues that ‘This Carey has started tightening the noose around us and she must be warned that it is not acceptable to us”.
    Yes Ma’am Carey this is what one of your trusted female teachers had been telling to one of your oldest male teachers? Could you pls hold a probe into it and take her to task? This is what the teachers whom Ms Carey considers her blue-eyed are seen talking against her behind doors.
    Another problem which Ms Carey should not ignore is that those promoting sectarianism. Teachers who discuss sects should be immediately expelled from the school.
    The recent legal notice by a noted lawyer to the school management after a lady teacher misbehaved with him reflects that there is a serious problem with some of the female teachers who are in no way serving the institution rather tarnishing the image of the both the school as well as Ms Carey.
    My message to those who are bringing such futile resolutions is not waste their time in such things as NO ONE PAYS ATTENTION to the resolutions passed by National Assembly and Senate, what to talk of a resolution passed by a District Council. Pakistan turned into a graveyard of resolutions against US drone strikes in tribal areas of Pakistan but it was of no use. So dear friends of District Council Chitral, stick to the point for which people have gotten votes and that is: uplift of the area and not point scoring for personal likes and dislikes.

  5. A step in the right direction.Sayurj School must not be handed over to the so called society.What i am unable to understand is the society of four.It sounds very strange and bizarre.It is a strange school where Education is imparted less while politics is played greater.The handing over of the school to so the so called society is yet another attempt to politicise the School.The school should be run under the patronage of Distrct Govt. and DC chitral has to oversee the affairs as a chairman.In case Principal Carey departs as she is not young enough to stay longer as Principal ,then the school might fall into wrong hands in the garb of society.Much damage has already been done to the school thanks to the recent row between the Principal and sacked teachers.Another dispute may prove to be fatal to the future of the school .So, please! no more politics; save the school and ensure the bright future of our Chitral which is associated with its educational institutions.

  6. Good step !
    Distt council must clear up the mess and give some systematic set up to the school to Save it from the clutches of selected high profiled people and make it accessible to common people…..we are hopeful that atleast our leaders have spoken clearly on the issue and that is a good omen for the society

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