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Annual Phatak festival celebrated

phatak1 Earlier, at a meeting of elders and community leaders at his house, Khalifa Syed Taimur Shah directed the community to make preparations for the festival. It may be noted that the Ismaili Muslims living in Lot Koh attribute the tradition of Phatak to 11th century religious preacher, Pir Nasir Kusraw, who according to verbal traditions practiced a 40-day Chehla in a cave in Garam Chashma (old Injigan). He came out of the cave after completing the Chehla on the first of February. This festival is commemorated in memory of his completing the Chehla.phatak A large number of people attended the festival amid severe cold and snow. The residents prepared traditional food and distributed among each other on the occasion. They also exchanged greetings o the occasion. Addressing the gathering, religious scholars highlighted the significance of the day.phatak2]]>

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  1. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    We highly appreciate the observance of Phatak by the people of Lotkuh ( Khuzarah). It is called Saal Gheraek in upper Chitral. Unfortunately, it has been replaced by Nowroz because of the shallowness of knowledge of our cultural history. The MIER has marked 21st March as the first day of a Khowar year and the start of the Behmani Rule as the beginning of Khow Calendar year which is not acceptable, at least, for me.

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