Residents reject re-marking of polo ground

reshun These steps are being taken on the complaints lodged with the DC by the citizens. But the residents of Reshun village on Tuesday objected to a team of the local administration when it came to mark the polo ground for the second time. According to state era documents dated Oct 30, 1969, the polo ground was 90 feet wide and 155 feet long. Besides, at the central side of the ground, there was 50 feet space where a special seating arrangement was made for the Mehtar of the day and his companions (Mehtar Nishini) to witness matches. On Jan 23, 2016, on the complaints of the residents, the DC sent a team who marked the polo ground in accordance with the old documents. However, on Feb 2, another team arrived in the village holding other documents for marking of the polo ground again. According to these documents, the officials said the polo ground was 83 feet wide with the extra space for the Mehtar’s seat missing. The polo players, the youth welfare organization and the public of Reshun rejected the re-measurement of the polo ground which they alleged was done by biased officials in connivance with the owners of the land. According to the Reshun polo players and the youth welfare organization, officials belonging to Chitral have been totally biased against the matter. They said that the Chitrali officials were trying to mark the polo ground in connivance with some influential people of the village. The measurement is totally wrong and does not match with the documents. reshun2 copy According to the documents dated October 30, 1969, the polo ground was 90 feet wide but today they showed the polo ground as 83ft wide. The residents said they would not accept any action according to this measurement. It is the only sports venue left intact after the devastating flood of July-Aug 2015. We will not allow anybody to destroy our future generation for their personal interests. Because of the wrong measurement, there are chances of a clash among the local people. We do not trust the officials belonging to Chitral as we have brought this issue to their notice through applications dozens of times. They have deaf ear and blind eye towards our legitimate demands. Now we want the DC Chitral, Osama Ahmad Warraich, to personally visit the polo ground and get the ground marked under his supervision, the residents added.]]>

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  1. Well done sohail.shame on Tehsil biased government
    Why 23 junwary measure change?
    Why 90foots change into 83foots?
    Youth of Reshun of Reshun polo playes of Reshun rejected 2feb measure of biased Tehsil governament .
    If Tehsil government attitude not change the polo players youth of Reshun protest against his biased decision change attitude change 2feb measure.
    We want Respected sir usama Ahmad warraich to come Reshun polo ground and check encroahment area .
    We wants justices .

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