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Expectations from new DC Chitral

letter In devolution plan, some powers of the then district magistrate had been clipped and transferred to district nazim which resulted deterioration of law and order situation in the country and some experts are of the opinion that militancy and extremism increased in our country due to introduction of devolution plan in the country in which all powerful office of Deputy Commissioner had been placed under district nazim and the administrative powers of Deputy Commissioner was transferred to elected representatives in which timely decision regarding law and order situation is not taken which deteriorated the situation. Another blow to the office of Deputy Commissioner came at that time when appointment of DC are made on the basis of political affiliation bypassing merit and largely incompetent and un-qualified officials have been appointed as Deputy Commissioner, while in the past only DMG group officers and CSS Cadre were qualified for the post of Deputy Commissioner. Political appointment completely crippled the office of DC and they became servant of their political boss rather than serving the general public. Responsibility of DC became placation of their political boss rather than serving people and resolving their problems at district level and it was a big tragedy of our country. For the last several years we the people of Chitral experienced such scenario in Chitral and all political appointed Deputy Commissioner remained faithful to their political masters and we the people remained completely ignored and our rights have been violated at every nook and corner. There was no office to complain because each and every Deputy Commissioner in Chitral was less interested in the problems of people and always tried to facilitate their political masters and VIPs. At such helpless time God listened to our prayers and we have had Deputy Commissioner in Chitral this time who is taking care of people and making hectic efforts to resolve problems of people and we the people of Chitral this time feel presence of government in our district which was not felt in the past. From the very first day of his appointment the honorable Deputy Commissioner Osama Ahamd Waraich faced gigantic problems of earthquake which was a big challenge for him, but he single handedly faced the challenge and distributed compensation amount among the affected people on transparent basis and came up to the expectation of the people. In the past earthquake and other calamities were regarded as earning time for district administration and political leaders, and negligible amount of relief were trickle down to needy people. But this time all the compensation amount were transferred to the affected people through cross cheque and net transfer of the relief amount to affected people remained 100% which we have not experienced in the past. After taking charge of the office the honorable Deputy Commissioner visited Chitral bazaar and took notice of the encroachments which have made life of people miserable. As foot path of the bazaar area has been encroached by the owner of the shop and it has become extremely nuisance and uncomfortable for the passersby to move in the bazaar due to narrow space. Especially in this particular area there is DHQ: Hospital, Kuchary and existence of many offices and educational institutions make this area one of the most busy point in the whole Chitral. In this particular situation encroachment which starts from the point of Atalique Bridge Chitral and extends up to Shahi Bazaar area has made hell life of local people. Original area of bazaar starts from Chitral Atalique Bridge which further extends inside the shahi bazaar; if we compare the size of bazaar from Atalique Bridge it is crystal clear that the area of Bazaar at that point is wide while it becomes narrower above that point till end of Shahi Bazar. According to well informed sources government also awarded in 1982 to further expand bazaar area but later on that area was again encroached due to negligence of then C&W departments. However if there is genuine grievances on the part of shopkeepers community it must be resolved through consultation and shopkeepers should not become tool at the hands of owners. In the larger interest of Chitral and for our new generation the initiatives of DC Chitral should be supported beyond political affiliation. Whatever he is doing in Chitral he is doing for betterment of Chitral and its people and we must understand the issue and become right hand of the honest officer instead of creating hurdles for him. Secondly DC Chitral initiatives against the hotel owners who are selling unhygienic food items to the public are also appreciable. It is basic right of each citizen that he must be provided clean, healthy and hygienic items in the bazaar and any type of unhygienic items should be checked with full force by district administration. Transporters are also charging high fare than the fixed rate and we request district administration to take notice of the issues and ensure that the fixed taxi fare should be applicable in the market which has been notified by traffic magistrate and stern action should be taken against the defaulters. As human rights activist we fully support all the initiatives of DC Chitral which he is taking in best public interest, and we also request innocent people of Chitral not to politicize the public friendly steps of DC Chitral for espousing cause of a few opportunists group. At the end we request honorable Depty Commissioner Chitral to follow Quaid E Azam Message: “Government servants, both Central and Provincial….Yours is a great responsibility. You must ensure that this Province is given, not merely the ordinary routine services that you are bound to perform, but rather the very last ounce of selfless endeavor that you are capable of producing for your State. In the great task of building up this State, you have a magnificent opportunity.” Broadcast, Radio Pakistan, Dacca, 25 March 1948 Abdul Nasir, President Human Rights Chitral.]]>

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  1. Humayon Khan says

    No doubt, Abdul Nasir is a businessman, human rights activist and active social worker. We often observe his active participation in case of human rights events and other social activities and seminars. He is the first person who addressed UN Ecosoc Council as representative of Indigenous people of Chitral. Whatever he said in this write-up are voice of all Chitralis and all human being. If a person oppose steps against corruption, Encroachments and other malpractices he is not liable to say himself as human. People of Chitral will remember steps of DC Chitral for ever, he is the man who took steps for the benefit of common man and citizen. Abdul Nasir weldon, you have done a great job and keep it up.

  2. Nasir says

    Sir ur introduction please, r u Reham khan or Yasmin khan

  3. khan says

    There should be impartial investigation of self proclaimed human rights activists, who always use the term human rights for their own means. They are always found in government offices praising officers to gain some favors. Mr. president human rights, have you ever highlighted any issue of public importance whether it is related to encroachment, hygiene, transport fares,or force conversion of kalash people. You never! And you will never do this.

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