A tribute to our young martyrs and survivors

Being parents and grandparents we can’t bear out this severe shock of perishing ones’ most lovely assets under the callous hands of some vampires who claim to be Muslims.

Along with tears flowing down our cheeks, our hearts start swelling in extreme anger against the killers of our children, and every father, mother, grandparent, brother, sister, uncle, aunt wishes annihilation of these extremists from the face of this planet. But, how? Neither we are prime minister nor has any say in the matter. We can’t lash out our anger and hatred except cursing our leadership who provided safe passage and breeding place for these harmful creatures to shatter our peaceful society. Our political and religious leadership are equally responsible for this menace.

Keeping aside our sectarian prejudice, if we revisit our history it will be crystal clear that excluding Gen Ziaul Haque, our military leadership has been struggling its best to fight our internal and external enemies while our politicians have encouraged political, religious and racial extremism for the sake of their personal ends.

Our Jawans – our prides – have laid down thousands of precious lives for this poorly led nation of ours and still shedding their bloods for Pakistan and Pakistanis. I do not discriminate between our Army personnel and police force. Both the institutions have given their blood for the stability and survival of this country, Pakistan. Their sacrifices couldn’t unite our leadership but the big martyrdom of our small children of the Army Public School, Peshawar, has united our political leadership in the war against extremism.

We should not let it down. There are some hypocrites who are still favoring extremist ideology – this wild brand of Islam in the country. A common Pakistani, the silent majority, wants peace and tranquility among the co-citizens and a progressive Pakistan with equal opportunity to progress. He/she believes in equal rights and independence to practice his/her religion, as an independent citizen of Pakistan, as envisioned in its Constitution. If the government conducts a referndum, the citizens shall give 90-95% agreement in favour of a peaceful Pakistan.

All the patriotic Pakistanis support our military operation, Zarb-e-Azb. If someone is found opposing this operation they should be considered ‘GHaDDAR” and be hanged. Each drop of blood of our children would be avenged if no extremist is left in our beloved country.

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  1. The teachers are involved in politics while the children are suffering. Please ma’am Carey do give instructions to your transport in charge and drivers to reach the stop fixed time. The time given is 7:30 while the reaches the stop at 7:45AM. And sometimes at 7:15 AM. So the children have to remain standing there from7:15 to 7:45 during this harsh weather. Moreover, please guide your teachers to return the exam papers back so that we may judge the strength and weaknesses of our kids. Thanks

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