Four Chitrali students burnt in cylinder blast in Rawalpindi

Initially, the critically injured was refused admission at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), which has a specialized burn centre and shifted to Shifa International Hospital where he was put in a ventilator. The three other injured – Hasan Bakhtiar and Hassan Sardar, sons of Masiyar Khan, of Brep, and Kishwer Ali, son of Muhammad Rafi, Brep – were taken to Lala Musa and then Kharian from where two of them were later shifted to Peshawar. A senior doctor at PIMS said due to unavailability of ventilators they could not admit the patient. He said the burn centre of PIMS had only two ventilators which were already occupied. He said they cannot remove any patient from the vent to accommodate another. In the meanwhile, about 100 Chitrali students gathered outside Shifa Hospital and chanted slogans against the government hospital (PIMS) for refusing to admit the injured. They said Shifa hospital had put the burn victim in a ventilator to keep him alive but it had no specialized facilities to treat the burn victim. On the intervention of some political figures and the Ismaili Council, a ventilator was arranged at PIMS burn centre after which the critical injured patient was shifted there.]]>

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  1. Shocking news for all of us and also an eye opener..if this is condition of the capital city of Pakistan then what can we expect in Chitral. Serving people is actually not the priority of our political leaders and all what they are doing are just part of politics for personal interests and all the government organizations going down day by day.. Please
    all offer special prayers for Ahmad Jan….

  2. This is very sad news for us that our Chitrali brothers have burnt in Rawalpindi. We pray for their health recovery. May almighty Allah recover their health. But this is very shameful for the govt of Pakistan that their is no burnt centre in Islamabad and Rawalpinid and the burnt students have been shifted many cities for treatment. If they were VIP’s children than all the doors of the hospitals have been opened for them but for poor peoples all burnt unit full from patients and no space in any hospital and the cruel management is not ready to treat them in this critical condition.very very shameful attitude of all concerns.

  3. Great job done by Chitrali students this is called political influencing power. Blamming is not the force for any action

  4. Nadir sab, Chitralis are orphan don’t you know sir, that is why we are treated as sons of lesser god. I bet if one student from Gilgit-Baltistan had been injured and brought to PIMS, no body would dare to deny him treatment.

  5. Very shocking news and our prayers are with these students out of their homes away from their parents and other loved ones in search of education. Unfortunately there is no one to help Chitralis when they are in trouble in any part of country. If this is the situation in Islamabad God knows how a patient or accident victim is treated elsewhere. This is land of jungle where might is right. Stone hearted people have become doctors and managers of hospitals who completely disregard human rights. I cannot control my emotion over the trouble these students have faced while being refused treatment with their bodies in such a pain. WHY CHITRALIS DON’T HAVE ANY FORUM, ASSOCIATION OR AND HUMAN RIGHTS BODY TO PROTECT THEIR RIGHTS AS CITIZENS OF PAKISTAN?

  6. Allah Pak tan Khosh Nabio aur tan khosh bandagnan khatera spa brargnyan tey sihat dyar. Intihayi afsoosnak khbr spa safo bachen, saf e bti dua kO C Allah Pak Hetan tey mukammal shifa dyar..@ AhmadJanACCA

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