Exhibition of Chitrali handmade items opens in Islamabad

lok The one-day exhibition will feature products from the Chitrali Bazaar in Peshawar, including handmade woolen items such as caps, embroidered robes, coats and other traditional products, says a press release. Chitrali products and woolen clothing items are popular for their traditional look and good quality in winter and local and non-local people demand for these in chillywinter season for protecting themselves from severe cold. The Chitrali Bazaar of Peshawar witnesses huge rush of people in winter for display of beautiful Chitrali Patti items, including Chitrali Pakhol, chugha (embroidered robe), waistcoat, woolen coat and others. The show is an attempt to introduce the Chitrali items in the federal capital and provide the opportunity to the craft lovers to witness and get exclusive stuff at the artistically designed cultural pavilions, said the organizers. The show will also provide the Chitrali artisans to display their products and introduce the residents of twin cities with their masterly skills of intricately patterned embroideron Chitrali Patti. Chitrali Patti is the cultural identity of Chitral and it is preserved through the crafts. The display of cultural items in such shows keep alive the traditional fashions and give recognition to their identity, the organizers said.–APP]]>

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  1. It’s a matter of pride and honour for us that different institutions/organizations are responsible for the grooming front line culture via various platforms. It’s been appreciated. Well done. These kinda activities can realy slow down the rate of asimilation and aculturation

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