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NTS administration's dictatorship in Chitral

nts In Chitral, as usual, the process of examination regarding the selection on the various posts of TT, PTC, CT, DM etc were held from 22 to 23 November and then again on 28 to 29 November 2015. Hundreds of male and female candidates participated in the tests. The candidates not appeared in the tests for the first time but many times and know better the manners, rules and discipline of every examination in general and NTS in particular and they are going to be teachers in future. But the issue is that mass of candidates having reservations against the responsible people within the administration and management of NTS in Chitral. Candidates claimed about the misbehaviour and mismanagement during examination. Furthermore, they said that the NTS administration and the heavy number of police persons discourtesy with the candidates during entering to the examination halls. Another allegation is that the NTS administration make videos recording and unveil the female candidates forcefully. Such things are against the cultural values of Chitral and unbearable to each and every one. Because the candidates in general and females in special are our mothers, sisters and daughters of this nation. Therefore, we appeal to the local administration of Chitral to take immediate step against such system of misbehaviour with our brother and sisters as such misconduct leave a very bad impression on our customs. The district government should investigate about the current misconduct and issue of the responsible of the NTS administration and suggest them to avoid from such a behaviour in future. Saleem Bukhari Chitral. ]]>

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  1. Nasir says

    Content of the letter looks reasonable and the people who are responsible for organizing NTS in Chitral should provide spacious examination center in Chitral. Majority of the students participated in the test reported that seating arrangements and behavior of the invigilatory staff was extremely poor and objectionable. In some instance it is also reported that invigilatory staff were seen providing assistance to their near and dear inside the examination hall which is against the code of conduct of NTS. Such type of practices should be discouraged and arrangements should be made in proper and transparent manner which satisfy candidates.

  2. Farhaad Khan says

    No one would agree with the writer’s simple point of view against only on the videography during recently heldNTS tests. Actually majority of us are incapable, incompitent to face such highly merit based tests and majority of such students having only degrees not the required abilities and qualities of well versed educationalist.secondly, the purpos of videography was only to insure whether the person taking the test is the actual candidate or someone else is replacling the actual..this initiative should be highly praised because there is still a doubt and some past experience where the actual candidate renains out of center but they got high marks at the end all such happenings this new technique has been introduced.i think this is a highly appreciable step and it will also unveil the culprits during the recently held test if any dublicate candidate may appeared in place of actual candidate….

  3. Imran ul Haq says

    Actually it has been a bad culture of ours to utilize any authoritative power against the people. in developed world authority means to facilitate not to humiliate others. The tests or interviews conducted are only source to discourage (specially) learned people.

  4. sajjad ali shah qureshi says

    i cant say something about chitralbut i have right to say something about NTS taking test system that it was very good because i have given test in peshawer where i saw a best disciple during test period of time.i can say that it should be more better

  5. Shah Safdar Khan says

    We cannot criticize NTS, the system is itself is very good and provides the public an opportunity to compete in the exams and provides equal opportunity for all the candidates. Gone are the days when these posts were sold from 100,000 PKR to 1 million PKR based on the scale of the positions.
    However in the recent hiring of the secretaries the former DC and his political cronies ruled the roost and made a mess out of the proceedings.

  6. Shahzaib says

    Apropos mr shafiq their is nothing like that to explode , still i m not agree with the writer but also not supporting your way of comments. What ever the situation is , we should analyse the gravity of very that event. What i got from the letter is that , the writer agree with the transpernacy but not satisfied with the administration then you should to suggest him rather show your aggession.

  7. Shafeeq Sudais says

    If all these candidates would have been sent to peshawar to take test crossing lawari in this chilly weather that could have been more convenient and transparent.Just stop spreading non sense and trash.Phonik no beti shomo bahna

  8. Sabir khan says

    These are all baseless allegations my dear.One cannot expect an ideal system living in this land of Pures.Its an appreciable step by the govt towards transparency and meritocracy and it must be appreciated rather than levelling biased and baseless allegations.thanx

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