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'VIP' culture: Chitrali passengers stopped near Lowari tunnel

File photo File photo[/caption] Some of the passengers told ChitralToday on phone at about 1pm that over 30 passenger vehicles were stopped near the southern portal of the under-construction tunnel and not allowed to move towards Dir as a helipad was also set up near the tunnel for the expected arrival of the ‘VVIP.’ The passengers said though vehicles going towards Chitral continued their journey, those going downward were asked not to move. The passengers said women and children were also travelling in the vehicles and were facing trouble due to the cold weather. They criticized the officials for creating such an inconvenience for the passengers during the visit of the democratically-elected prime minister of the country to the area. “Chitralis are pepceful people, not terrorists, and they should not be treated like this and humiliated on roads when the prime minister was somehwere in the area,” they complained. Due to their blockade for hours at the Lowari tunnel, the passengers could not reach their destinations on time.]]>

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