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Tunnel to open on every Tuesday, Friday: DC

lowari Talking to local newspaper reporters at his office, the DC said under the decision taken by the provincial government, only small vehicles would be allowed entry in the tunnel. No heavy vehicles such as trucks would be allowed to cross the tunnel as construction work continues inside the passageway. He said goods bound for Chitral in trucks would be shifted to mini-trucks at the Dir side of the tunnel to cross over to the Chitral side. The DC said fares of the passenger and transport vehicles on the Dir-Chitral route would also be fixed by the local administration, adding transporters would not be allowed to fix the fares on their own.]]>

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  1. Liaquat Ali says

    A good news to hear from DC Chitral that Lowari Tunnel shall remain open for two days in a week only for light traffic. In a meeting of PSO Cartage Contractors Union Chitral with DC Chitral it was decided that Lowari Tunnel shall remain open for oil tankers as well to meet the need for fuel in Chitral, just because that fuel cannot be unloaded at Dir for reloaded in small vehicles for crossing tunnel. DC Chitral should make it clear with Project Director and NHA that oil tankers specially Bedford which are of the same size of Shazoor should be allowed through tunnel otherwise there shall be a serious shortage of fuel in the District. Top up fuel storage with PSO in Chitral Depot is hardly for 19 days and the dealers have not been allowed by PSO to lift and stock fuel for winter till 4th of November 2015.

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