When mountains seemed ripping apart

hill [caption id="attachment_30359" align="alignleft" width="760"]Pictures of Chakast Zom near Booni (above) after the Oct 26 quake and (below) a year ago.--SN Peerzada Pictures of Chakast Zom near Booni (above) after the Oct 26 quake and (below) a year ago.–SN Peerzada[/caption] But fortunately there were not that much losses to human lives. One such mountain was the mighty Chakasto Zom near Booni in upper Chitral that now stands literally ripped apart creating a huge gorge extending longitudinally in the middle. Moreover, most houses in the villages of upper Yarkhun valley are reported to have been collapsed and the residents living outside under the open sky. The affected people are at the high risk of contracted different diseases due to the cold weather ad unavailability of medicines. The most affected village is said to be Immit where about 90 per cent of houses have collapsed and the remaining now dangerous for living due to huge cracks. Meanwhile, road to the Yarkhun valley is still closed as huge boulders blocking the road between Kargin and Brep are yet to be removed. Four people were killed when these boulders hit a jeep carrying a wedding party to Boroghil valley on Oct 26. Most of the people in the area were now busy in repairing their damaged houses but so far there is no help from any government department or private organization.]]>

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  1. There are many more such mountains that have changed shape in Chitral. Indeed it is very dangerous phenomenon and govt agencies should work to tackle any challenges such as any health hazard after this catastrophe.
    Abid Khan

    1. For God sake the mountain is not ripped apart, peak on the left side has given away and because of that the mountain seems as it has been separated. We all need to pray and beg for Allahs forgiveness. Allah do love the people of Chitral because they are good at heart and have always remembered Allah in distress and difficulties, why? because they always pray and beg for help only from their Creator. I salute to all my brothers, sisters young or old for remaining calm and peaceful, helping each other rather asking for help from outside. We are proud Chitralis,who care and help others in distress, we are not like ones who cuts the fingers and hands from women stuck under debris to get their jewelries. So be proud to be a CHATRARI. Allah be with you and bless u all with happiness AMEEN.

  2. It is very sad to hear about the deaths. The same situation was in Garamchashma where huge boulders hit 11 shops and two casualties occurred and 5 people get injured due to stone rolling in different areas of Garamchashma. The link roads as well as the main road was blocked and community restored the roads on self help basis. More than 300 houses totally collapsed where as more than 500 were partially damaged. 5 vehicles were damaged due to the collapse of Garage whereas 32 shops were reported to be damaged.

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