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His "excellency" has arrived!

royal While police, Rangers and the army were on their toes in most parts of the country to maintain peace during Ashura, the Chitral police were kept busy to provide VVIP protocol to the commissioner of Malakand, Mr Usman Gul, who was on a visit to the district. Instead of having rest on the holiday, Mr Usman was very kind enough to visit Chitral and oversee the reconstruction activities in the flood-hit area. His Chitral sojourn also featured a visit to Kalash valley and the inspection of the under-construction powerhouse at Golen near Chitral. But it was quite surprising that the district administration gave a royal protocol to the commissioner who was seen travelling in a motorcade usually seen for VVIPs. People of Chitral, especially the youth, were seen asking each other who was behind giving such a VVIP protocol to a government official disturbing the routine life of the residents. In a more bizarre move, the district administration made him inaugurate the Bypass Road, but the inauguration plaque was removed the very next day.–Reporting from Bashir Hussain Azad]]>

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  1. junaid says

    Mr. reporter its true that Chitral police should not be busy with itself in protocols but you are not right to say that Malakand Commissioner should not see rehabs in Chitral.

    1. Israr says

      This commissioner is there on tax payer money, we pay taxes to feed these police, army, and border forces but these bloody bureaucrats take pride to humiliate the common citizen of this country.. Chitral is no more a princely state its part of the democratic Pakistan so we should learn to behave like respectful citizen of this country and discourage this display of authority and VIP culture.

  2. Abdul Jabbar says

    Perhaps this is what Imran Khan had been promising with the people of Pakistan. His never ending rhetoric of giving an end to the curse of status and VIP culture has witnessed zero success. The bureaucracy used to act like a true public servant some years back before PTI took over. But after PTI came into power, the ‘baboos’ could be seen acting as superior creatures on planet earth especially when they embark upon a visit to a mountainous area like Chitral where might is right. We still remember when the blue-eyed Inspector General landed up in Chitral some months back in a helicopter like the chief minister. And now the Commissioner Malakand has crossed all the limits of enjoying at the cost of the taxpayers money. At least, I am going to send these high-profile visit of a tiny Commissioner to PTI chairman Imran Khan with a hope that he must end this VIP culture. There is nobody within PTI who can raise the issue with PTI chairman, as we vividly remember a sitting MPA holding the files of the IGP Nasir Durrani’s file like an ‘ardali’ when he visited Chitral. Let us remind these ‘baboos’ their worth. What these want to prove by acting “Mughl-e-Azam’.

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