Chitral-Mastuj road reopened after four days

roadRESHUN, Oct 23: The FWO repaired the damaged road at Reshun and opened traffic on the Chitral-Mastuj road on Friday. The Chitral-Mastuj road was blocked at different points when rain and flooding from streams hit the main road on Oct 19. The continuous erosion of the hillock near Reshun into the road hampered the reopening of traffic on the road. A large number of vehicles remained stuck on both sides of the blocked road. People, including women and children, were forced to cross a hill on foot to reach other side of the damaged portion of the road to catch vehicles. For the last four days, the supply of essential commodities also remained suspended to upper Chitral. With the reopening of the road on Friday, a large number of vehicles were seen moving towards their destinations.]]>

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