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  1. Liaquat Ali says

    This is indeed the right as well as the high time for all of us to support and decide that all our nation building department and specially the heads of leading NGOs (regional, national & international) in the region must be professional with voluntary zeal & spirit that could fully understand the issues and dig out ways and means to resolve the issues. Dig out ways and means would no doubt also cover local traditional and indigenous knowledge for addressing the issues.

  2. Perturbed Chitrali says

    What a joke is this as well as wastage of money. Majority of the people had no idea what climate change actually is. Is it bumburesh, hon, modrozogh or a major global issue. Bringing people from Chitral to speak on such an important issue who have no expertise in the field how seriously these NGOs are working. FOCUS is there purely deal with issues pertaining to natural calamities but it is really, really unfortunate to see that it is also being run by contractors, for which you do not need any qualification. The AKDN is requested to look into the matter that what FOCUS Chitral is into and who is doing this kind of stupid joke with such a prestigious organization.

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